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  1. I personally am not a really big fan of the Iveco and the Renault magnum, just do not like the design and maybe what you can change on the truck can affect that.
  2. Since 1.37 and the sound issues , I just flash my lights as long as im not in a high profile area
  3. Amazing videos in this post, as I have only being playing since 2018 I never seen the europort so busy. When i joined calais to disburg was hell
  4. I love London (Promods) more realistic
  5. What annoys me the most about some ETS2 Players: Taking double/triple trailers to high populated areas when they are not able to maneuver the trailer appropriately Overtaking dangerously being impatient and causing more traffic and accidents ( Squeezing into little gaps, blocking junctions)
  6. If they was to higher the speed limiter then there would be more issues than there already is in Calais-Duisburg and Kirkenes etc. High populated area and high speed do not mix well together. I think the speed at the moment is fine and people who wish for it to change just want to troll and cause issues for players who are just enjoying the game with friends and for the simulation. All these opinions are my own however, I think this reflects majority of the TMP community due to trolling, high populated areas
  7. attending the ATS convoy and planning my university assignment, reading
  8. Only just realised your in the Event team, Congraulations ❤️ 

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