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  1. What is happening all, I can see there have been MANY changes since my last visit a long time ago, loved my time here before as an admin/ex admin lets see if I do again.

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Welcome Back ^_^ 

  2. Well decided to download other map addons and try to get back into it a little and noticed Clarkinator had left, oh well looks like many changes have happened, sorry to see the lad had left but hey ho it is what it is.


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    2. SeeYou:(


      you are right,  I came from the opposite direction :P italy map super recommend

    3. Merciful


      See I told you, all of my bans were valid, sometimes harsh but always valid lol

    4. SeeYou:(
  3. Happy birthday bud ;) 

  4. Hi, I am the admin who dealt with the report, after re assessing the footage I would also like to point out that your friend was also at fault because he came around the bend on the wrong side of the road. If you would also like to give me his details I am more than happy to ban both for the offences. Thanks Merciful
  5. Welcome back Merciful

  6. Welcome back Merciful!!!:D

  7. Welcome back Merciful! :lol:

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    2. Merciful


      Been a while and need to setup all my software


    3. jacoblovekw


      Hahaha yeah that, lol jks I dont know what you look like

    4. Merciful


      I look like me ;)

  8. Welcome back. :)

  9. I have found the perfect things to compliment your room And your computer,
  10. Untidy desk but here goes again,
  11. Yes as soon as you save new profile name
  12. Yes you can, Open steam Click on your name Click profile Click Edit profile on right hand side Change name and save profile. Hope this helps
  13. Hi Edge was your original topic closed due to inactivity as i actually was looking for it the other day.??
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