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  1. Welcome back Lad.

    1. ItzKieren


      Thanks buddy! Been a long time. Hope all is well.

    2. KjayCopper


      Aye lad, would love a catch up at some point.

    3. ItzKieren


      Aye! Could do at some point 😛

  2. Would be nice to get hold of the save edit for this truck.
  3. Nice Looking Scania. Is it all base or is there mods been used?
  4. Happy birthday to you

  5. Happy Birthday Patron! ?

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! ?


    Stay healthy and enojy your significant day ?

    All best in your life! 


    ? RedWolf [CZ] ?

  8. Happy birthday! ?


  9. Happy Birthday, have a nice day! ❤️

  10. Hey guys, i hope this is the right section. I am in need of a software developer or someone who knows how to work with Java I can pay for work done but I'm not loaded so reasonable amount I will not go into detail about the requested project but they need to know enough about Euro Truck Simulator to complete the task, hit me up with a message,
  11. Try launch it in Administration mode as a friend had the same issue and running it on Admin works
  12. This may be a big with the new patch released yesterday why not report it into the bugs thread KjayCopper Gittos Group Limited Founder Sent from Gittos Group Limited Head Office Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  13. There may be a possability, on MP theres an advert as you may have seen for ETS2Sync.com this may sync profiles but i have never used it KjayCopper Gittos Group Limited Founder Sent from Gittos Group Limited Head office
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