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  1. Hey guys, i hope this is the right section. I am in need of a software developer or someone who knows how to work with Java I can pay for work done but I'm not loaded so reasonable amount I will not go into detail about the requested project but they need to know enough about Euro Truck Simulator to complete the task, hit me up with a message,
  2. Try launch it in Administration mode as a friend had the same issue and running it on Admin works
  3. This may be a big with the new patch released yesterday why not report it into the bugs thread KjayCopper Gittos Group Limited Founder Sent from Gittos Group Limited Head Office Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  4. There may be a possability, on MP theres an advert as you may have seen for ETS2Sync.com this may sync profiles but i have never used it KjayCopper Gittos Group Limited Founder Sent from Gittos Group Limited Head office
  5. Wow I can still remember when it first got released KjayCopper Gittos Group Limited Founder Sent from Gittos Group Limited Head office
  6. It might be that the servers have the Connection problems, this can cause lag sometimes it might not be your fault as you say you have good internet connection Ping might be the cause Like Mwl commented KjayCopper - Gittos Group LTD Founder Dispatched From Gittos Group LTD Headquarters
  7. Yeah the game works a bit different from real life Sent from Gittos Group LTD Headquarters
  8. Over the past couple of days the servers have had DDOS attacks. ETSMP are trying their hardest to keep it from dropping, Please be patient and if the servers do go down Please use an alternate server (i.e South American, Asia KjayCopper Help Delivered by Gittos Logistics
  9. Try Using an app for browing the web (i.e Safari, Internet Explorer or Chrome) if this does not work Come back and il get a Support buddy to help Delivered By Gittos Logistics
  10. Hey scareface some members of my VTC have been having this problem, some have said they have installed the appication and its started to work some have said that they just started up the Euro truck Simulator game (single player) quit Singleplayer then loaded up ETS2MP and that has worked
  11. Hi there, Just to be clear you need to press tab and make sure the Menu is active then click the RMB I hope this has helped, if not reply back and i can try to help
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