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  1. Maybe there is a good reason behind it but i dont believe there is, just like i said earlier ( a year ago ) they dont care about the community anymore i mean this is not the first time they changed something without asking to their community ( 3 Million users ) and like other people said above there is totally no harm given to other players by using those commands, this is what TMP have become.
  2. Road-King

    ProMods release

    I heard people talking about realistic psychics mod in promods server that they are using it? is it true are we allowed to download the mod if yes where can we download it? And almost forgot is the Middle-East addon pack also supported by TMP ? if yes why didn't they announce it properly..
  3. https://imgur.com/fFXRlpM i have 2 b_grill's 1 = Daf dlc b_grill with 2x smallight.2 addons you can see at the very bottom 1= standart Mercedes b_grill but i wanna know if the 2 headlights i think its called Lumen mark 1 are those allowed on the bottom grill
  4. I believe I have received my answer, but I am not 100% sure yet and it is not necessary to use feedbacki, i just need a Game moderator to approve that it is allowed or not.
  5. I want to know if this combination is allowed before i drive with it Picture 1 https://imgur.com/NgdsHY2 Picture 2 https://imgur.com/Aywj39Q Picture 3 https://imgur.com/dAnZUxg
  6. This is the main reason why majority of the community got upset. just like @Greenfox said You decided everything behind our backs. And that's not fair. This is not democratic. That's a communism and dictator behavior. I did read the TruckersMP survey again and i'm getting worried because they used to listen to their community but they don't care anymore probably because they reached the Top, well do not forget who brought you up there.
  7. Funny how they still trying to keep this mod alive when its almost dead, Good luck.
  8. Road-King

    Road to Simulation

    Only staff members can read this
  9. Yeah right, this is just another /fix command survey or speedlimit survey they just wasting our time and let us think they care about what we think while you always do your own thing at the end! example why do you let us vote for something if at the end of the vote you do not do what is asked of you.
  10. @konfig0 i start thinking that this is all about TMP administration that they can save more time for them self by decreasing all the reports they receive ( which is fine ) and have to deal with, ok i feel the hard work and sometimes mistakes ( i got 3x banned by mistake ) its a lot going on there but let's talk about speed-limit @konfig0 '' The cars get unstable at a certain speed, so limiting really is not the problem.'' Hey one thing we can agree with limiting is not the problem like you said and when it comes to a Truck psychics in this game its pretty good TMP absolutly did a great job on that i can drive a truck at top speed and control it easily, brake in time and overtake when i clear my gps so i think the real PROBLEM are the players which i mean most of the times kids dont know what they are doing but playing a game and having fun by intentional ramming blocking people and overtaking while incoming traffic why don't you just punish them harder as they can learn in the future from what they have done in the past by ruining other players gameplay there is 3700 slots in 1 server what this is all about i know you're not paying for your IGA but its not hard to clean you're servers from those people who doesn't follow the rules and im guessing only 10% of 3700 we can blame this every day again why do you punish 90% who can handle them self and control the speed they want to drive ( EU2 no Speed-limit ) Get rid of the 10% instead lowering your 90% decent players
  11. i'm pretty sure if you create another server without speed-limit just like eu2 everyone gonna move to that server and the people who are happy with this speed-limit decision even they will come to this server when they see EU2 = dead '' yeah lets go to the new server and drive 60KM/H which is the speed-limit on the GPS and waiting for someone make a mistake when overtaking him and inmeaditly gonna report it on the website because thats why hes playing for and yeah sometimes it goes wrong but not because of the speed LuL 1. Respect other players ( People see from GPS there is traffic jam but they dont slow down and overtake which ends crashing into someone else JUST INCREASE THE BAN LENGTH and they wont do it again easily ) 2. Increase the ban-length And/OR get a new system if someone got banned he cannot log-in and join TMP just like that with another account ( This is a way to get rid of trolls ) €5,- new account? i can buy 10 easily 3. Dont blame everything on Speed TMP learn from your mistakes 4. Get a PING limit i mean your mod isnt optimized that well even with the best PC in the world your FPS will hurt you when there is 100+people near you and what happens if you put people with 300+ ping into European servers? do you ever think about that 5. Maybe last option but a usefull one, You all saying this is a Simulator right? '' TRUCK SIMULATOR '' make the Skoda available only for IN-GAME MODERATORS (Admins) and problem solved. 50% less accidents MAKE A STEP FORWARDS, NOT BACKWARDS TRY TO FILL OTHER SERVERS WITH THEIR OWN PEOPLE INSTEAD OF LOSING PEOPLE NOW BY REPEATING THIS SAME MISTAKE JUST LIKE IT HAPPENED BEFORE Road-King rip TMP
  12. this is twice you dissapointed me TMP aswell the vote results for command /fix without limit you didnt do what we asked for and now speed-limit? are you kidding me that is why we have different servers come on this bad decision you make it will not decrease ANY accidents,reports,trolls etc. but IT WILL DECREASE YOUR PLAYERS HELLO?? rip TMP -2 for me now, you made a huge mistake (again)
  13. Road-King

    Rule Update

    firstly thanks for the update, its such a great thing to see hackers not going away with 30 days anymore but i dont understand paintjobs? can i not edit my Volvo truck with an Scania paintjob anymore ? is this a new rule or am i wrong please someone reply this asap
  14. i dont know what is going on in your head but you cannot decline an report and say user is already banned for this evidence thats totally not true i post a feedback also because you cannot just say something and do it this is first time i used this video on playstv + first time i report this user how can my video already being used explain me + proof where is my .... video why are you doing this i want this user get banned for hes action against me !!! i hope thats clear and do not decline reports if your head doesnt work anymore

    1. Pillow




      Complaining about a declined report/ban/appeal is not allowed on the forums.

      The IGA's can decide for themselves if a report is valid or not, in this case the IGA decided it was no offence/not banable.


      For future reference, please use the feedback system if you think something like this is wrong. 




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