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  1. Happy Birthday mate 🥳

  2. can you provide us with a screenshot of the promods files? just guessing it might be the def file but first i have to see what files you have and in which folder you put them in just to make sure. also promods has been updated to v2.55
  3. There is a simple solution for this, just bring back the old EU2 server. there is a reason why it was populated 24/7 in the mean time simulation EU1 server was 300-500players barely. people just want a middle ground between simulation and arcade and there is nothing wrong with that we are playing a game here and if people want to drive like real life they can go into simulation server why restrict all players to 1 category. now you are gonna reply about the reports being reduced no its not the load on the web report system is still high and the amount reports you can submit is redu
  4. Im very excited thanks for the great news!
  5. You need to make a new profile, or just download 1 save on the internet that is compatible with 1.39. There is no way you can use your own profile after downgrading im pretty sure. when TMP supports 1.40 you can use your own profile again.
  6. This is what the community wanted and values, that's all I asked.
  7. I am tired of hearing the same s*** over and over again, i am not asking for an ETA i just want you guys or the developers to communicate with us (the community) more info towards the update, like for example we still working on the lightning for 1.40 or we already past it and now we are converting the new Renault T or we done it both and moved to the last step adding no-collisions zones in Iberia, i mean it could be anything its still better than answering hunderds of question with the same answer ''its done when its done.'' knowing me i always knew you guys dont care about the community like
  8. Yes, my question has been answered. Thank you for the information
  9. How can i get the TruckersMP trailer in MP iv seen people use it
  10. This was never an issue till TMP decided to put all different type players in 1 single server called Simulation 1.. it was very peacefull earlier (couple years ago) to drive in simulation servers and you had that other type players that like to drive fast and/or ignore red lights in EU 2 server so it was basically your own choice to join a server either simulation by the rules or if you want chaos you simply join EU 2 at your own risk. This has been changed due to the amount of reports according to TMP, i can tell you they made a lot players angry and leave due to the fact everyone was force
  11. I agree with him/her however the fact you guys put 2 or more type of players into 1 server so that way you have a full control over everyone was absolutly wrong and a disaster the reports hasnt been reduced and its even getting worse by the time it should go back to how it was, Simulation 1 limit to 90 km/h and bring back EU 2 and limit to 150 km/h and it will be more chaos on EU 2 server but at least you got a clean Sim 1 server back with happy people that likes to enjoy the game just like IRL and moderate EU 2 regularly as Sim 1 isn't gonna need a lot moderation.
  12. Ok i understand what you're saying but i saw 3 members of KGB vtc carrying these type of trailers and it was not just 1 they were hauling custom coloured triple-trailers with attachted forklift behind it, so my question has not been answered yet. I tried to find it on the freight market it was not there for me and i dont want triple trailers im totally fine with this single trailer on the picture, do you know where i can find it?
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