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  1. You say ''We can always compare the video with the game logs'' there is no way you guys will check on every single report that has been submitted to see if it has been more than 7 days or not. Lets keep it real this is not gonna change anything you guys are just limiting off the system that worked fine for a long time now and it looks like you guys cant handle it anymore. if thats the case close down the website reports and focus all on in game moderation and in-game reports i think that will be a great step in the right direction so no more rec ban drama in the chat and the GM's will have full context when they review the in-game report
  2. Thanks for the update ill guess the hotfix fixed my issue
  3. That was very quick, Thank you!
  4. Happy Birthday mate ?

  5. can you provide us with a screenshot of the promods files? just guessing it might be the def file but first i have to see what files you have and in which folder you put them in just to make sure. also promods has been updated to v2.55
  6. Im very excited thanks for the great news!
  7. You need to make a new profile, or just download 1 save on the internet that is compatible with 1.39. There is no way you can use your own profile after downgrading im pretty sure. when TMP supports 1.40 you can use your own profile again.
  8. Yes, my question has been answered. Thank you for the information
  9. How can i get the TruckersMP trailer in MP iv seen people use it
  10. You can close this topic, i think i got my answer.
  11. Ok i understand what you're saying but i saw 3 members of KGB vtc carrying these type of trailers and it was not just 1 they were hauling custom coloured triple-trailers with attachted forklift behind it, so my question has not been answered yet. I tried to find it on the freight market it was not there for me and i dont want triple trailers im totally fine with this single trailer on the picture, do you know where i can find it?
  12. Yes it was on the promods server indeed, and i will search trough the freight market and hope i can find it, if i do then i will be able to copy the line/code to any trailer i want trough save edit. Thanks for the quick answer
  13. Like the title says how do you add a forklift to the back of your trailer? i know how to save edit but i took a break from TruckersMP today i came back and saw it, this looks like another level save-editing. Can someone help me is it a mod that i have to download if not where can i find the line/code and where do i put it in this case?
  14. Maybe there is a good reason behind it but i dont believe there is, just like i said earlier ( a year ago ) they dont care about the community anymore i mean this is not the first time they changed something without asking to their community ( 3 Million users ) and like other people said above there is totally no harm given to other players by using those commands, this is what TMP have become.
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