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  1. Hi, do you know my custom telemetry for OBS ? I need your help, with development, I want to make it much better :) and I need you feedback ;) I can do it right for you ;)  ... PM me if you want

  2. I want to buy SONY phone (dont talk bad about) but wanna know XZ Premium Luminous Chrome or XZ1 Silver ?

    I am thinking about XZ Premium now

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    2. marco6158


      I'm still with my Xperia Z, since 2013. Still going strong

    3. Alv4s0r


      My phones must to hate me cos crashed, flooded, lost etc.... but everytime I want new one and better :)

    4. Alv4s0r
  3. I missed my day today :(

    2. Alv4s0r


      :) i want to make my day better , but i dont

  4. And I think that I restored my telemetry, so please make me sure :)

  5. I wish you , good night. Let's drive carefully ...

    1. Elysia ELF

      Elysia ELF

      Good night too, yes i drive carefully...

    2. Rev.


      I'll try to drive safely. Just for you.

    3. Da n R O

      Da n R O

      Good Night to you too :D

  6. Just start working on OpenTTD free server :)

  7. Moving to big datacenter company as empoyee but will live in the small village with 8 horses on back ground :D and internet connection like in Italy :D 

  8. I do anything I want ...

    1. Fading


      No you don't ;)

    2. MrJakeeee


      do ye aye?


  9. Going to take some heavys and move my ass...

    1. Guest


      Hello. Hope your journey goes well and safely today. 

  10. CombatPillow ... I am going to trucking in next one hour and half :)  wanna join ?

  11. [EN] Good night

    [GER] Gute nacht

    [PL] Dobranoc

    [CZ] Dobrou noc

    [ES] Buena noche

    [IT] Buonanotte

    [SK] Dobrú noc


    and don't know more :(

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    2. RaiglacheL


      [TR] Iyi Geceler B)

    3. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      google translator does wonders :P 

      [EN] Sleep Tight

      [GER] Schlaf gut

      [POL] Śpij dobrze

      [CZ] spát těsný

      [ES] Sueño profundo

      [IT] Dormi bene

      [SK] SPI sladko

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  12. Best place for unload ever :)

  13. ATS for now :)

    1. Mirko9


      Happy trucking :)

  14. I hate myself cos I can't start own TV :( I had promo for only 3 month and stopped it...

    1. Spieker


      Who watches TV anyway these days :P 

  15. Am I alive ?

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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      The rumor comes out. Does post is alive?

    3. Alv4s0r


      not sure cos I found that this is not post :(

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  16. I do something wrong ... my net is fast as reversing snail ...

    1. SuliHD


      xDDDDDDDDD I don't know what to say

    2. heyhococo


      Snails reverse now? :troll:

    3. Leo35


      Snails dancing backwards and forwards :D

  17. I made my christmas :) here my gifts

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    2. Forraz


      Grid 1 drifting is like meh... Spin the wheel and you go into a power slide. Grid 2 however takes a bit of practice with a wheel :D 

    3. Alv4s0r


      shh .. so i will have to boy also grid 2 ?


    4. SuliHD


      I am currently finishing off downloading my GTA V, it's 63.7gb so 3.3gb left :D

  18. I am not good Santa :( 7 left

  19. Did I hit him or not ? (I am red one)


    1. Shovali


      You have reached the finals? ;)

  20. I dropped Bass :(

    1. Forraz


      I dropped a status. it was a mistake

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