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  1. I'll definitely have it turned on! Been looking into possible ways of doing it for a while now Glad SCS have finally brought it out officially That'll probably be possible either through save editing or normal modding to be fair
  2. Lost for words How long do you usually spend on a single paintjob?
  3. Cruising around Estonia :D 




    Original by @truthbender

    1. InvasiveSpark


      what an amazing photograph great editing :)

  4. If I notice that the overtaking truck is having a hard time overtaking, I'll let them past & then back in front, but if they're just speeding past with no care at all I'll mind my own business and stay at the same speed. Never speed up though, that's just unnecessary.
  5. Python Lua HTML & CSS (if you count them) JavaScript (NodeJS & jQuery) SQL PHP
  6. Congrats bud ;) 

    1. Joe_


      tyty ponda <3

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