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  1. Well, I am back after 3 weeks break :wub:

  2. I just cange my nickname from avantry to F-N ;)

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    2. Avantry
    3. Pillow


      I liked Avantry though..

      However, have fun with your new name buddy ;)

    4. Avantry


      New profile pic is coming soon.

  3. Avantry


    Well, he said everything. Also the forum is not a place to complain about report declines. Write a feedback instead. https://truckersmp.com/feedback I would use a other server next time if your delivery ends there.
  4. Good morning! :D 


    I wish you all a great day :P


    1. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Howdy partner. Good morning to you as well. I am sipping on coffee right now. 

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      Good morning.

  5. Avantry

    Conducting the traffic?

    Well yea, but personally I would not do it since I don't know if it is 'acting like an admin'
  6. Avantry

    Conducting the traffic?

    Hello, I don't like the idea. It would be a mess because everyone want to do this Job or just block the whole traffic. You maybe should post a Topic in the suggestions Forums section. If you want that we are able to discuss about it post it in 'open for discussion'. Still -1 for me. Kind regards, avantry
  7. Well, let's eat an icecream. Soooo hot today... 



    While going back to home just go :50: :troll:

  8. Avantry

    what's going

    Hello, have a look to this topic: Kind regards, avantry
  9. Avantry

    Problem Contacting Update Server

    Hello, looks for me like the game version is outdated. Look this topic for more infos: Could you maybe add a picture of the error? I hope it helps.... Kind regards, avantry
  10. Avantry

    Problems with my Jobs

    Hello, when you go to the company and you click enter to see the jobs, down there is a little wheel just click on it and you will get into a menu where you can select kinds of trailer. (The same where you can choose schwarzmüller trailers) There you just can select the doubles. Please note (as said above) that you just can drive doubles in scandinavia. Kind regards, avantry
  11. Nice convoy in ats today. 

    Here you've got some pictures: 







  12. Avantry

    Server Kick cause Double Trailer

    Hey, I have got told that near to Gedansk is a bug and you will be autokicked there. Seems like you passed that area.
  13. Avantry

    Paint Jobs Not Connected

    Hello, the first I need to know is what kind of paintjob is it? Is It for a Truck It will not work in the MP if it is for the trailer it should works. Also you can download Trailer skins here: Hope it helps you Happy trucking