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  1. Good Luck With The Event Team! :) 

  2. Welcome To The Community !

  3. Can you possibly dm me please :)

  4. Thank You Everyone For Your Support. My Issue Is Solved
  5. Thanks Alot For Fixing My Problem +Rep @DesertEagle26
  6. Hello Everyone. Sorry For Bothering Everytime. i've been trying to play truckersmp the whole day and i kept getting different kinds of errors the whole time and it's starting to make me mad now. here is the error i have now - I Reinstalled TruckersMP And This Happened. It Said I Need To Click " Install Available Updates " System And ETS 2 Is Checked With A Mark So I Click It Then It's Downloading The Updates For TruckersMP 56 Files. When That's Done It Said Again " Install Available Updates " so i clicked that and then it's downloading 4 Files. Now Everytime When I Click "Install Available Updates" For Those 4 Files. It Keeps Failing. ( Failing I Mean By It's Downloading But Keeps Saying " Install Available Updates" After I Did Already.... ) So Now Im Stuck On Infinite Downloading Those 4 Files Over And Over Again i did reinstall Truckersmp I did reinstall ets 2 i did everything i could. please help me i will greatly appreciate it Thank You Spoopanoob
  7. i did everything u all said. penguin said i need to press F1 on the truckersmp program to force updates. now everytime its done downloading an update. it says install available updates the whole time. and it downloads the same update over and over again when i press it. there is no option that says " Launch "
  8. I Upgraded To 1.30 And It Shows This
  9. so how do the other people play online then? if the launcher hasn't updated yet?
  10. Hello Everyone. I Have An Issue With My TruckersMP And I Hope Someone Can Fix It. When i enter a server it says at the bottom right in chat " Connection Refused, you are using an invalid client. please redownload the client via the launcher" Things I Did - Redownloaded The ETS 2 Game Redownloaded TruckersMP ( DELETED EVERY FILE AND REINSTALLED IT ) Restarted My Computer My ETS 2 Is On 28.1 i hope someone can help me and i appreciate it in advance thank you
  11. when i press F1 It says " TruckersMP Has Stopped Working "
  12. Hello Everyone i just started up my truckersmp. no updates no nothing. it was working last night but now today when i connect to a server it says the following " Connection Refused. You Are Using An Invalid Client. Redownload The Client Through The Launcher " help please
  13. Hi Everyone! i just want to know why my paint jobs is not working online? i got almost all paint jobs but none of them show when i want to customize my truck. and solution for that? i did try to uninstall and reinstall the paint jobs. still does not show thank you in advanced
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