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Calais VS Duisburg

Calais VS Duisburg  

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  1. 1. Which city is better? Calais or Duisburg?

    • Calais
    • Duisburg

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Since my last poll about the "favourite death road" was showing CD was still the most popular choice


I want to know which city is the better one out of the two, Calais or Duisburg?


For me it's obviously Calais as Duisburg is just too small to handle this many players. Duisburg only has a Garage, hotel, Repairshop and 2 companies.

Calais has all that + a Bus station, a separate truck dealer and the Big Bus stop where people hang out. Also Calais has the port to dover and is near the Eurotunnel. Added to that Calais is way larger so it can accommodate more trucks


(Disclaimer: I mean the cities in game and I am in no way trying to offend people living in those cities IRL

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I prefer Calais, as it's less populated, and is a much bigger city.

I rarely head to Duisburg, however I do start from Dusseldorf normally.


I agree with you, that Calais is larger and can accommodate more trucks.

1 hour ago, AspergerKid said:

Calais is way larger so it can accommodate more trucks.


Have a nice week! :) 




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I personally wouldn't spawn in in either city, either using Dusseldorf or Dover instead, as there is so much congestion that it makes for tiring driving. 

The traffic lights at Duisberg are also mayhem, so I generally avoid the centre of Duisberg as much as possible - I usually stop at the petrol station outside Duisberg, which is a convenient place to turn around in.




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