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  1. At the time I made this post, I had 57,000 kilometers. Now, I have 67,000 kilometers.
  2. I was wondering how many miles or kilometers are on your trucks. I currently have 57,000 km on my Scania. Let's see who has the highest mileage!
  3. My least favorite truck is Iveco. I had one before and it was slow and took forever to get up to speed. I sold it after 2 jobs and bought my Scania that I now have 57,000 km on.
  4. I hate it when you are driving and the person in front just slams the brakes and no matter how far away you are, you can't avoid them.
  5. I hope they make the highway exit ramp going into Calais a little better. I hate being in a traffic jam that goes all the way back to the C-D road...
  6. I like all of the Scania trucks. They have more power and have lots of tuning capabilities.
  7. Calais is better. The 4 lane roads help ease the traffic flow around the city and if one spot gets backed up there are other roads to use as a detour.
  8. I disagree. Not because I want the speed limiter to be higher but because I think people will just find another server to go on.
  9. The trailer can still be pulled even if it is damaged so I disagree.
  10. This would cause so many accidents. If you want to simulate fatigue, why not just sleep every 10 hours or 11 hours.
  11. I see this as unnecessary, this would add more lag to the game and make populated areas even worse. As a counter-solution, how about an additional chat mode that only shows important alerts from admins. It could be a chat mode that nobody except for admins could enter stuff into. I think this could be useful for the people that have their chat turned off.
  12. I think it is a great idea. It would definitely help being able to see a picture of the truck so it is easier to report the person who hit you when you are in a heavily populated area.
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