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  1. Hello everyone,

    I haven't posted anything here in a while

    I completely forgot to announce that I became the new Verified VTC Leader of Wolves

    but I got this role while I was an Event Manager

    Now there has been a new big step in my time of TruckersMP

    Ladies and Gentlemen



    want to thank my VTC for the great time I had and all the support they have been given me ever since I joined!

    I am now an Alpha Wolf

    and I will lead my pack with all my heart!❤️

  2. Welcome to the Wolves 1st Anniversary Convoy! Convoy Details Date: 29th of October 2020 Start Time: 18:00 UTC End Time: 20:00 UTC Starting Location: Thessaloniki - Subse Destination: Istanbul - Quarry DLC: PROMODS REQUIRED Route: https://imgur.com/a/SygqUNO ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/88100/aspergerkid-thessaloniki-city-centre Hello fellow Truckers! We are proud to announce that Wolves will turn 1 year old
  3. My fellow truckers

    I have yet another annoucement to make regarding my VTC:

    Wolves™ has a new ATS livery!


    Guess who designed it :)

  4. Was at the RLC ETS2 Convoy yesterday. Usually I avoid convoys that big but this one went by like on a flight! It was super enjoyable!

    Again here ganging up with my old Boss @Roenz to my left, as well as my VTC CEO @Suleyman.53 to my right, to his right there's the game mod @Shayrin that I met last night, very awesome guy, also @TutoriaLs. who invited me to join his convoy stream and also @Emma.x who accidentally deafened herself the whole time

    Thanks RLC for the convoy!


    1. TutoriaLs.


      Thank you dude! It was a great journey ❤️ 

    2. Shayrin


      Nice picture 💙

  5. Since my last poll about the "favourite death road" was showing CD was still the most popular choice I want to know which city is the better one out of the two, Calais or Duisburg? For me it's obviously Calais as Duisburg is just too small to handle this many players. Duisburg only has a Garage, hotel, Repairshop and 2 companies. Calais has all that + a Bus station, a separate truck dealer and the Big Bus stop where people hang out. Also Calais has the port to dover and is near the Eurotunnel. Added to that Calais is way larger so it can accommodate more trucks
  6. You Probably heard of the


    (Men in Black)


    ...but have you heard of the



    (Wolves in Blue)


    (Photo taken from yesterday's Wolves ProMods Skoda Convoy)

  7. I wanted to know which road is the most adrenaline-pushing for you guys. I also wanted to see how the new Valencia LaFarge Road is doing so far! Please also say WHY the road is your favourite? Is it the Location? the other drivers? something else? For me it's the classic C-D because I literally grew up on that road but LaFarge is quite nice too, Kirkenes Quarry not so much
  8. A new chapter begins for me.


    As some of you who know me from Discord have noticed, I left Energy Logistics and the Company shut down.

    I can say this was very difficult for me since I didn't want the big dream to end like this.

    Energy Logistics doesn't seem like the only smaller company that I saw go down in recent times.

    Nonetheless life continues and I already found myself in a new Home and even though it has been official already I am proud to announce:





    (Masha'Allah) it's a Wonderful place I am glad to call it my new home!



    1. Krisi1051


      Welcome to your new home! ❤️ 

      Hope you will enjoy your time there.

  9. I have about 20 Trucks because I never bother to sell old ones. I usually only use 2-3 Trucks A 750HP Tuned Renault or DAF for freetime A Mercecdes for VTC related stuff and I almost never use any of my Skodas
  10. MAP DLC: Scandinavia TUNING DLC: Actros PAINTJOB DLC: Classic Stripes (ATS) TYRE DLC: Michelin CARGO DLC: Forest Machinery (ATS) COSMETIC DLC: Raven Design Pack
  11. 100% honest with you, it all depends on others, I am driving 110 whenever I can The only time I am obeying the speedlimit is when I am in a convoy or when I have to drive slower because of the circumstances I also cross red lights if no one is around
  12. Today I attended the monthly TFM convoy for September and with that I officially finished an entire week where I attended a convoy everyday!

    Thank you TFM for the convoy this month!


  13. Just came back from the ConSec Group Convoy. I got to say the convoy was ...quite quiet... There weren't as many people there, the chat was empty and it felt like Convoy's own hosts didn't show up themselves. Nonetheless that made it into quite a relaxing drive and probably one where I felt next to no convoy frustration.

    So thanks ConSec Group for the drive!


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