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What do you like about playing Ets2? Steering wheel ?, Keyboard ?, or Controller?

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I haven't tried a steering wheel but I would imagine that it is the best option. I have tried keyboard, controller (XboX One), and mouse however, and the mouse is my favourite out of those.


I don't like the keyboard because you are limited to steering or not, you are constantly making small corrections and the driving is less smooth overall.


The controller doesn't have this for the steering as well as the gas and brakes which is nice. My problem with it was that the sensitivity and non-linearity just never make it quite right. When going 110km/h you want movements to be small and precise, on 60km/h less so and on 30 km/h not at all. What I found was that when you set it so that it feels good at 60km/h and you can take corners at the fastest speed that your truck can handle stability-wise, the truck becomes too sensitive at higher speeds. When you set it up for higher speeds you have to brake unnecessarily hard for corners because your wheel doesn't turn fast enough.

The mouse solves this, because the wheel moves as fast as you move your mouse so you are in full control. It is a pity that you don't have as much control over your gas and brakes but that is less important to me.


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Because I've always driven with a keyboard as I learned to drive on ETS2 with this system over there in 2015, and when I was able to get the original via STEAM and so I could use the TMP, so I was always used to driving with keyboard and that's why I like it; despite having used joystick or wheel, I never liked it but this that you use each one is summarized to the tastes of each player or by the resources of each player.

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I've played with controller for a long time. I would absolutely love to get a steering wheel, but with a limited budget (at least for now) I'll just have to wait until I can get some money and pick a wheel.


Keyboard is very juttery and I feel like you're more prone to having a collision if you're having to try to do fine adjustments by button-mashing A and D on the keyboard. The mouse on the other hand will give precision, but it's just not a comfortable drive for me. I tried to play OMSI 2 with mouse, because keyboard numpads was very upsetting, and controller connections on OMSI are just hellish, but I could never get to grips with the mouse either.


So controller for me (until further notice :3)


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It's "Steering Wheel or Death" for me. 😀

And I'm using a very much lame and cheap 'chinese clone' driving wheel with two pedals and sequential gearshift.

Why I prefer driving wheel? I think after doing a few jobs with the wheel, keyboard is a joke. The level of 'immersion' with any kind of wheel anyhow, is uncomparable to the keyboard.

I haven't tried to mouse, though.



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I use steering-wheel and a shifter.

I have been using my steering wheel for a while, and honestly really worth it for a simulation game.

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21 minutes ago, [HASTÜRK] Poyraz15 said:

The steering wheel is much better, my dream. But dreams steering wheel, facts Keyboard + Mause

The logitech driving force gt can pop up on ebay for about £30 (my currency) every now and then, and its 900 degrees rotation. Have a look on your ebay!

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I used to play on keyboard but struggled with steering the trucks around sharp corners for example plus i had other driving games i played and just couldn't play them with a keyboard so that is what made me decide to save up for a steering wheel and after buying my G27 i haven't looked back so yes I would say having a steering wheel is best for the game. 

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