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  1. It does answer my question and proves I don't read the "update notes" when I update the mod. Thanks for the headsup and all the info, the thread can most certainly be locked and closed.
  2. With TMP rain never occurs. If I nudge up the "weather" meter just a little bit, then rain does happen but it never stops. It just keeps raining forever. So what I see is that TMP can either have "always rain vs never rain" but nothing "balanced in-between" like "some rain some sunshine", like in vanilla SP game. So, I'd like to know if there's any "weather" mod that I can use along TMP, that can improve weather variety, and how to install it. Thank you all, as usual, for your kind comments and ideas. Cheers, Pol.
  3. I switched to ATS since a while ago. Faster loading times, better optimization all-around, less trolls and crash spammers, community seems somewhat less toxic and the landscape variety change is a plus too.
  4. No, it has not. And regarding what @KINIT said, I'm not sure I understand why that explains my problem, so I'll try to be as specific as possible as to what I've been doing with the game versions. I started a profile with version 1.36 and leveled up a bit. Then, I upgraded to 1.37, nothing relevant here. Then I upgraded to 1.38 and tried to run TMP and found out the hard way the mod was incompatible. So I decided to give 1.38 a couple of whirls and kept on playing in SP for a few jobs more. Then I really missed TMP much more than I thought I would, so I d
  5. This was not stated on the release of TMP's latest version, supporting ETS 2 v1.38. When I tried to re-connect my profile to WoT (as I had to downgrade to 1.37 to keep on playing and eventually disconnect from WoT as it wouldn't work with the older version), the game crashed. If I tried to send the developers a report (right from the crash dialog menu), something looped over and over and kept going back to that 'send report' dialog. Only when I chose 'no' to send report, the game quit to desktop. How long should we stay away from WoT "external" jobs? Would you announce in a
  6. That post Chris pointed solves the problem, or at least "explains" it, so I considered this topic 'solved' too. I'll re-iterate the explanation here, just for the sake of anyone bumping into this topic instead of the other one when trying to solve or understand the same issue. As I said, I had to 'restart' my campaign, due to savegame incompatibility. While doing this, at first you don't have a truck of your own, so you can only take 'Quick Jobs', with 'start' in OFFLINE, then put you in GHOST and finally, when the handshake is completed, you appear fully ONLINE. When this
  7. After much fiddling around I got v1.37 to work and started to MP again. All my gamesaves were rendered incompatible, so I cheerully started a new campaign. I finished a very short job, less than 300km and got a "Late" penalty, discounting ALL of the XP and the money. In the checkout chart it was stated that I was late by 22.000~hrs. I get the feeling this is a config error between my connection and the server's own date/time config. How can I avoid this kind of problem? Thanks for any info you can provide on this subject.
  8. I'd say "Going east..." because it adds a lot of variety to the game, but France and Italy DLCs improve the map a lot, too
  9. Hello IronTiger. I think I comply with those attributes. Count me in whatever enterprise you want to start up. Hope to hear from you later on. See you on the road!! Cheers, Pol.
  10. I usuarlly flash my highbeams to greet other drivers along the road, and use the horn to warn people of possible danger coming up. Like for instance, on some roads it may be very common to find trucks with trailers parked on the bankside for a moment, and when I pass by them, especially when on the lane right next to the side, I honk the air horn a couple of times when I'm still one-or-two-trucks-distance away
  11. hey krzyy, never knew what happened to you, where I lost you along the way.

    Anyway, I'll share with you that screenshot I got from us both at the start point.

    And also, you should get a mic to communicate with other drivers in a convoy.

    See you around, hope to join a convoy anytime soon!!







  12. I was wondering if it is possible to create (with the right mapping tools) an object that could be loaded onto a trailer and taken around in-game, as a new 'cargo haul job'. I've seen DLCs that you can buy where you get new 'goods and objects' you can move around in new jobs. How could I create my own of those? Is there a way? Is it possible to share whatever I come up with, with anyone else? Thank you for your interest in this, and in advance for your response. Pol.
  13. Thx For The Follow :D

    1. Pol_Malvinas


      It's good to get involved in the community. I'm hoping for making good friends around here. See you!!

    2. Michael_Allen
  14. Hi, I wanted to ask: If I get rammed by another player, how do I come up with evidence of such incident, so that I can report it? On the forum, there is a 'report' tool, but I was required to provide 'proof' that this happened, and had no idea where to find or how to produce such proof. Do only people that record or stream their gameplay have the posibility of providing/keeping proof of what happens to them on the road? To the mods: I found no way to create a new post in the 'Help' section. Thanks to anyone who may help. Cheers, Pol.
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