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Hot Topic #22: Do you use the season mods?


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Hello Truckers!


It's a new week and with that comes a new Hot Topic! 

We have supported the winter mod the last couple of months, and we currently support the new spring mod in TruckersMP. Have you, or do you use the mods, and why?


We are interested to know whether the season mods is something you like, what you like about them, and most importantly, if you enjoy them!


Discuss it all below in this weeks Hot Topic!

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I once used the winter mod, which was an interesting experience regarding the changed physics of the truck.
But the white landscapes bored me which is why eventually I uninstalled it.
My favorite weather however is sunny, and I enjoy to see the stars at night. Consequently I set the probability of any other weather like rain to zero.

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Greetings ?


Together with the Road to the Simulation, season mods brought some realism to this game. Both, Winter and Spring mods are amazing in their own way and I will explain why.


Let's start with the Winter mod. As we understand from its name, it should add some winter atmosphere to the game and it indeed does. The mod has 2 types of winter, one is the normal and the second one is heavy which simply adds more snow to the game. I personally prefer normal one because when you have heavy winter mod it becomes hard to see the lines on the road at night and nature does not really look impressive at all. But the winter mod has one more nice option and that is physics mod. Physics mod adds even more realist to the game because when there is snow on the road it should be at least harder to control the vehicle and should be a bit more dangerous than any other normal day without the snow. However, I believe the physics mod needs some improvements because from what I have seen, it can make you lose control randomly even when you change the gear or something similar and that's not really nice to crash into someone because of that. Other than that, you can have lots of fun on the Arcade server with your friends with that mod and funny moments with my friends are always something that I like to remember.


And here it comes the Spring mod. When I saw the screenshots of the mod I was not really impressed because those pictures do not really show all the beauties of that mod. I was also told that the mod might cause FPS drops due to the forests, more bushes, grass and etc. but I did not really feel a difference and that just might be my PC. Anyways, when I downloaded the mod and drove I was really surprised by what I saw. First of all, nature became really amazing, in some places, there are really amazing forests or just flowers on the side of the road and that's something that I miss in the base game. Another thing that really surprised me is that the textures of road, were changed as well and that's another reason why this mod is amazing when you drive on the same road which has the same texture for kilometres it becomes pretty boring but those textures are just random and they make look the road a bit more real and nice at the same time.


In conclusion, I would like to say that both season mods are amazing in their own way and we should definitely support both of them in Winter and Spring. I am not sure if there are other season mods such as Summer or Autumn mods but it is still pretty nice to see that TruckersMP does such steps forward and supports more mods which bring some realism and some changes to the game. If we compare TruckersMP in 2016 and in 2020 that's already a pretty big difference and progress and I hope we will continue in this way, so when we compare TMP in 2025 and in 2020, we will see the same different and of course, positive one.




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I haven’t seen anything worse.


You make multiplayer for the simulator and don’t make traffic ... ETS2 is better without multiplayer, your mods ... is it really so difficult to generate AI shards, because all they need is a random route, Elite dangerous generates whole galaxies, traffic, events, disgusting, not dishonor the simulator ... Do something good already ...



I will tell everyone in the incentive that you are not worth it and a minute of attention after 2 hours of playing ETS2 (which is a masterpiece) ... Maybe notoriety will help you start to do something ...

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For me

it gives a touch of nature and add better landscapes to the driving experience, and it is very pleasant even with rain


See the  fog effects in the morning is awesome, and see the stars at night is a plus.



thanks to the people who made this possible. 



"Life is a party, and I'm the piñata"

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Personally preferred the winter mod, as there were some special challenges to having winter physics, as they were a less grip; but it's also liked this of seeing more nature and things related to spring... but my Spring mod I don't know if I had any faults or that but in the mornings it was just like winter mod, a dense fog on the way and it felt much shorter the day and a very dark night, but I still love that kind of weather; it also serves to change the textures a little bit and the usual landscape to which one is accustomed.

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8 hours ago, Tukang_batagor said:

Just using this mod recently, and I'm impressed by this mod.


By the way, here is my comparison:


Without spring mod:



With spring mod:



(Sorry if there is something wrong in the comparison)

You're right. This mod is beautiful. Sometimes I can't take one's eyes off road sides


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Used the winter mod always when possible but wasnt bothered to try out the spring mod. Its nice that there are season mods for mp since it brings some realism and variety to the game. Though i was getting a bit bored of the winter mod towards the end just like the actual winter. But i will use it next winter again for sure when i get bored to drive in the summer time.

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