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  1. Look in the correct subforum. There is one for save editing with plenty of guides.
  2. Because a great number of players don't know how to handle the vehicle. Increasing the speed for those drivers exponentially increases the probability for them to cause an accident.
  3. Yes 80 is the allowed speed. I was talking about to what they are limited to. Wonder how not even b-doubles arent standard in germany. Here in Finland we have had the HCT trucks allowed for a while now. That allows 34.5m length. They did testing for a few years allowing them under a special permit. They have become very common recently. That law also allowed for longer semi trailers and a bunch of other varieties.
  4. I believe this is more a case of speed blindness. Those who drive 110kmh now see it slowish. If they drive 130kmh it will seem a bit faster for a while. But then after a while they will be crying to go 150. And then 160. Im not sure how old people here are but take driving on the motorway for example. Lets say the speedlimit is 120kmh. You drive that and after a while it seems like an OK speed but you could go faster. You then raise the speed to 150 or 160.It seems fast for a while but then after a while it seems no faster than the 120 to begin with. And reducing from that 160 to 120...seems l
  5. Arent there enough of these topics already? And if it is a suggestion, why is it here? Theres a place for those elsewhere.
  6. I drive with the 90kmh limiter on but i dont see a reason to change the 110 maximum. The times i get involved in accidents arent caused from driving 110. Most of the times they are intentionally caused or by bad driving. And by bad driving i mean a 3 lane highway isnt enough room to go forwards sometimes. Just today someone tried a quick 90 degree turn doing 60kmh in a city intersection and hit the front of my truck. As far as i could care, the 110 is fine for me. Those who want to race can drive 110 past me all day long. Having a 90kmh cap on the server would solve that much. It wont fix
  7. Not sure what you mean. But if you mean you want to reverse every trailer to the dock to load and unload you can do so by typing g_simple_parking_doubles 0 in the console. Or change it in your profile's config.cfg. This applies for HCT and b-triples just as well. Been driving my b-double like this all over the map and there hasnt been a single dock i couldnt get it to fit. Recently been trying it out with my hct and that has brought almost a headache a few times. Some docks are very small and the hct isnt easy to reverse like the b-double. One reason for that is the fact that the trailer hitc
  8. And what is the longest route for the vanilla game with dlc's? Assuming somewhere from italy to norway. Might actually look into this.
  9. Well that is obvious. And how do you suppose that would be made possible?
  10. Todella monella tapaa voi pelata. Etsivä löytää: https://truckersmp.com/
  11. You keep repeating that same comment over and over again. But you dont seem or even want to understand what a simulation game is.
  12. As i see this topic is an endless debate. No matter what changes are made, there will always be people trolling and goofing. I dont really see the 110kmh speed limiter working. People still take corners at that speed and cause collisions. I put 90kmh on the cruise control and drive. I still dont see a point driving faster than that. And saying "this is far from simulation and boring long roads..." Well, maybe you are playing the wrong game then. Think about what this is and why you are here. If you get bored driving "slowly for long distances" then maybe this isnt the right game for you.
  13. amatikuski


    When bored you could take one minute to read the announcements to figure out how to play again.
  14. Someone please explain to me what the reason is to drive excessively fast in a truck simulator.
  15. And not very practical compared to a straight truck. But yes they are used in TMP. I wonder how heavy that trailer must be though since most tend to use the 8x4 chassis and probably the most powerful engine to pull it around empty.
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