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  1. Todella monella tapaa voi pelata. Etsivä löytää: https://truckersmp.com/
  2. You keep repeating that same comment over and over again. But you dont seem or even want to understand what a simulation game is.
  3. As i see this topic is an endless debate. No matter what changes are made, there will always be people trolling and goofing. I dont really see the 110kmh speed limiter working. People still take corners at that speed and cause collisions. I put 90kmh on the cruise control and drive. I still dont see a point driving faster than that. And saying "this is far from simulation and boring long roads..." Well, maybe you are playing the wrong game then. Think about what this is and why you are here. If you get bored driving "slowly for long distances" then maybe this isnt the right game for you. There are plenty of other games to drive fast. I dont think a trucking simulator is made for that purpose.
  4. amatikuski


    When bored you could take one minute to read the announcements to figure out how to play again.
  5. Someone please explain to me what the reason is to drive excessively fast in a truck simulator.
  6. And not very practical compared to a straight truck. But yes they are used in TMP. I wonder how heavy that trailer must be though since most tend to use the 8x4 chassis and probably the most powerful engine to pull it around empty.
  7. Lagging or having an accident is not the topic here. Sure those do occur in the videos also, but the whole point of discussion was that some of those clips are intentional and some of the times caused by the uploader themself intentionally to create video content. And then again how can a ban be issued for someone posting a video compilation on youtube? How can a TMP moderator know who to ban? Assuming the user names on YT and tmp wouldnt be sufficient in my opinion and they probably arent. Meaning that you can pick any name and create a new email all day long. And tmp report system requires the account id. But by watching a video on youtube you can only get the name but no time or date when it was recorded. Imagine the amount of abuse there would be.
  8. It is the config file inside \Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. Not the config file thats inside the profile folder.
  9. Probably looked from the wrong folder. Go to \Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 and open the config.cfg file with wordpad for example. There you can search for the g_save_format line and change the value from 0 to 2.
  10. But also the fact some people "bend" the rules to their own favor, which they use for their own gains. My whole topic is kind of a rhetorical question.
  11. Doing a quick search i couldnt find a topic about this here. There are tons of videos on YouTube of "ets2 diots on the road". After having watched several videos from different authors there, in many cases they are clearly intentionally causing accidents with their driving behavior. And by doing such they create content for possible monetary gains. So i think this could be a very interesting topic to discuss about the effects of these popular videos to the community. So do these videos bring in more trolls and have less proper players joining? One friend of mine who lives out of my town has ets2 but never tried MP simply from seeing the "chaos". That being said, i would like to know what you all think of about it.
  12. When having a long triple trailer attached you must never F7 to a shop. Always drive to a repair shop. There is enough room to turn it around in the yard. If you'r truck breaks down somewhere use /fix. But if you get flipped over or something, F7 will be the only option. But in that case i've noticed that the easiest option is to just cancel the cargo and dismiss the trailer and then use F7 with only the truck. Then you can pick up the trailer from your garage and drive it to the repair shop.
  13. As annoying as it is when players ignore the traffic lights i still voted no. The idea in theory sounds good especially for the congested cities. But it would most likely be abused by trolls or then you get kicked accidentally if you drive too far even with the intention of stopping. I dont see how this could work properly. Id rather see an autokick feature for driving on the wrong side. Pretty much like the auto kick for not having headlights on in the night.
  14. I run the same combination for a long time usually. I clocked over 70,000kms with my previous old R series before swapping to my new R series with 23,000kms on it now. And i use the same trailer aswell. I kind of like the plain look to go with painted hub covers, black/white theme and removal of extra mirrors and badges.
  15. Didnt bother to read everything above but possibly an alternative solution would be to create a vote-kick. This would work for those who block the road which is the most annoying thing imo. Because a player cannot be reported more than once, it will not attract attention even when that one person reported from "blocking" is preventing 50 players from going anywhere for an hour or so. The kick wont be a long term solution but it would clear up the road for a good while at least. And by the time the vote kick has worked, someone would have video evidence of the person doing it and creating a report on tmp anyways. They would be banned later. And as far as vote kick, it would cause no real harm even IF it was abused by a large group dedicated doing so. But with certain limitations and registering the information of using the vote kick i dont think anyone would go through the trouble of abusing it. Depends how it would be made.
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