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Add "Development Announcements" / "Changelog" to the launcher

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Suggestion Name: Add "Development Announcements" / "Changelog" to the launcher


Suggestion Description: Add a drop down menu or something similar to the TruckersMP Launcher where every user can read about recent development changes/updates like you can already do in this sub forum.


Any example images:



Why should it be added?: Currently you need to visit the Sub-Forum Development Announcements to get information about recent dev changes. With such an option every player could directly see which changes (eg. last 3 dev changes) has been implemented. Of course, a hyperlink to the sub forum could be added too.

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In my opinion, that's a very good idea. Not everyone is looking on the forums before starting to play and after seeing "Update launcher", many people wonder what's New etc. 


By adding this, it'd allow these people to quickly check what has been added, what has been changed, removed. 

It's a small thing, but I believe it will help a lot. 


+1 from me

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