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Website v2.8 release

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v2.8.0 (13th April 2019)

  • Major Laravel update
  • Backend fixes
  • Internal updates

v2.8.0.1 (13th April 2019)

  • Backend fixes

v2.8.0.2 (13th April 2019)

  • Added support tickets, knowledge base data & DLC's to the data dump
  • Added new information to account deletion message
  • Added clearing the user's DLC cache when deleting their account

v2.8.0.3 (18th April 2019)

  • Fixing the color of hyperlinks in ordered lists
  • Added a display for when an event server request is created
  • Backend fixes
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Yeah , I m glad to hear it :) 


Thanks so much Developer team! 


Sincerely , 



TruckersMP Members 

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