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  1. Niklas200215

    What do you think about Daf DLC?

    I like it the DLC. However, I prefer to drive with Scania or Volvo :)
  2. Niklas200215

    New Italy City

    The tailer looks great.I am looking forward to its release
  3. Niklas200215

    ATS Bot?

    I would like to drive with bots. It makes more fun to play with real players than driving with bots. The main point, however is that I can also drive with bots in singleplayer.
  4. Niklas200215

    How would YOU cope with this?

    I often see a lot of people breaking the rules, especially in congested areas. The worst thing that ever happend to me was, when somebody crashed into my truck so hard that I fell out of the map. The worst thing about that was that I had driven over 3500km before that accident and my cargo had zero damage. After that it unfortunately was completely damaged.
  5. Niklas200215

    Further Feedback Changes: Game Moderation Management category

    Great news Thank you for the information
  6. Niklas200215

    Promods x TruckersMP?

    I would really enjoy to have the option to play with the ProMods map on a separate server. However, players would meet less often than nowadays because there are a lot more streets to drive on.
  7. Niklas200215

    Website v2.8 release

    Great work. Thank you very much
  8. Niklas200215

    Small roads?

    In the Baltic Sea region you are able to drive hundreds of kilometers on country roads.
  9. Niklas200215

    Ets2 and vr

    I personally have never tried it but I would love to It would definetely make the driving more realistic and would bring the simulation to a whole new level
  10. Niklas200215

    Website v2.7 release

    Very nice Thank you for the Information
  11. Niklas200215

    How has TruckersMP impacted your life?

    Very nice to read something like that
  12. Niklas200215

    Your Survival Guide to American Traffic Laws/Signs

    Thank you very much for this helpful guide
  13. Niklas200215

    What you think about Skoda?

    I would like to see an Audi, becaue I really like the design of them
  14. Niklas200215

    Someone wrecked me

    As others said, recording your gameplay is the best for such situations. I personally use the program from Geforce Experience. There you can click that you only want the last two minutes to be saved after hitting the save button.
  15. Niklas200215

    Hot topic #16: One truck family event

    In my opinion the event was great. I like that a lot of players come together and there can also occour congestions(makes not so much fun), but it somehow simulates also real stituations because they also exist in real life. I am looking forward to the next event.