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  1. Niklas200215

    Carrot's Photo Booth

    Very well-made photos I really like your truck- and trailer design
  2. In my opinion there are serveral reasons why reople recklessly overtake especially on this route One point would be that a lot of people think that they are able to overtake although traffic is upcoming. The second one is that many people don't do External Contracts and therefore don't want to drive behind the slower ones. In addition to that a lot of persons see this road because of the big amout of players as a good place to annoy them.
  3. Niklas200215

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    This trailer is very interesting. As others already said, I think it will include the Balkan region. I am excited for the hopefully soon release of this DLC
  4. Niklas200215

    Dr4ch`s Truck Adventures

    Very nice pictures Thank you for showing us your beautiful photos
  5. Niklas200215

    Euro2 Server and the Pilot cars

    Hello BadBragon_, I can feel into your Situation and know that it can be frustrating when People do Actions that are against the rules aren't getting punished. However, we as players have to understand the point of view of the Game Moderators. At this Moment of time there are 79 Game Moderators (including GML and GMT), which are able to judge reports ingame. Now it has to be considered that all these 79 people have a private life and aren't online 24/7 to be able to keep the virtual streets safe all the time. The next point is that every minute a lot of people get reported, especially at the evening, where most of the time 4200 players are trucking online. In addition to that Game Moderators must take their time to judge in order to keep the quality high and to be fair. All things considered, it has to be said that also Game Moderators are only humans and I am sure that they do their best to protect players from trollers etc. However, I think that your reports haven't been handeld yet and maybe are in the waiting position. I hope that my statement to the topic could helped you I wish you a lof fun and joy playing TruckersMP and hope that you don't have to deal with rule-breakers in the future that often. Best regards Niklas200215
  6. Niklas200215

    Server speed limit survey

    I chose the following option : ,,A server with speed limits shown on the GPS map and with collision " Following points were the reason for my desicion: 1. What is a simulator without any danger of collisons? 2. Speed limiters add realism, however 150 km/h is also not that realistic for a truck 3. If there were no collisions one wouldn't have to drive properly anymore --> lower fun-factor Thank you @Miyu* for starting this very interesting discussion Best regards, Niklas200215
  7. Niklas200215

    CYBERRIOR Paintjobs gallery

    Very nice paintjobs and pictues. Thank you for showing us your beautifully created content
  8. Niklas200215

    How To Change Your Trailer Color

    Thank you very much for this informative guide
  9. Niklas200215

    Fuel conservation tips for MP

    Thank you very much for making this very helpful and informative guide. I am sure I will save a lot of fuel with these tips in the future
  10. Niklas200215

    Modified Dlc

    I also think that it is a Mercedes tuning pack I hope they add nice interior decoration usw. for it. Looking forward to see it in the game in the future.
  11. Niklas200215

    3D Printed Switch Panel

    Really nice 3D model you made Unfortunately, I don't own a 3D printer. Thank you very much @flashsolutions for sharing your fantastic work with the TruckersMP-community
  12. Niklas200215

    Favorite DLCS

    I really like the Scandinavia - and the Baltic Sea DLC. In my opinion they are so good because they allow one to drive routes that are more than 3500km long. In addition to that both offer a beautiful landscape and a big variation of street types.
  13. Niklas200215

    [Poll] Do you use the winter mod physics?

    There is an option that comes with the winter mod, which allows you to make driving-physics, which occur in the winter more realistic. For example you can glide over the street I hope I could answer your question properly. Best regards Niklas200215
  14. Niklas200215

    Servers Speed limit 97

    I undestand your point with saying that a speed-limt of 97 km/h would be very effective for reducing traffic accidents, reckless overtaking and so on but I think that the community wouldn't accept it, at least not on very popular servers like EU2. From my point of view it is more useful to make such actions server-wise like it is handled with EU1. However, I think that ervery person must form his own opinion on this topic.
  15. Niklas200215 Released

    Very well done I love playing it