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  1. Suggestion Name: As the title says, basically a restriction which would prevent users from taking heavy haul DLC trailers within the C-D road. Suggestion Description: Basically some sort of a system similar to the multiple trailer combination (a-double, b-double, high capacity trailers, tripple trailers) which would warn a user that they are entering a restricted zone, if ignored the user would get kicked. Exactly the same way as multiple trailers have but with the heavy haul ones. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Well basically some people think its funny; to take a 50+ tonne trailer onto the already heavily congested road, this results in a major traffic hold up which frustrates some drives. Due the them being forced to drive either the speed limit, or in some cases as slow as 20 km/h because of the terrain. Such hold ups usually lead to some players deciding it is "OK" to overtake a column of vehicles which in most cases ends up with a collision, or some sort of uncomfortable situation. At the same time the heavy haul trailers are significantly longer than a standard ownable trailer, which results in a slightly longer overtake manoeuvre which increases the time a player is on the oncoming lane, at the same time increasing the chance of an accident occurring.
  2. Cool you release an update when I go away and miss it, ARGH. It was a major issue thanks for patching it
  3. It isn't a bug at all. The trailers are made to spawn only if the game detects country signatures such as: "DK, NOR, SWE". There is no physical way of them spawning anywhere else, you can edit a save and change the destination, but good luck with that. Now there is a part to it that admins play, since the trailer normally spawns to Denmark, but according to some of the admins Denmark isn't in Scandinavia and you can't deliver anything there xD Run TruckersMP and click on download wait for it to sort it's self out and run ETS2 or ATS.
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