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Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

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If you made the area of restriction, then why did you need to be allowed to travel all over Europe? :thinking:  It just doesn't make sense to go to Britain, you have to travel half the country. Thereby increasing your path. P. S. thanks to all those idiots that got on a DD with tandems

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So no doubles in the Netherlands were its irl allowed....... that sucks.
Dont understand why its always so bizzy out here.
I think the questions of having  double trailers outside Scandinavian all started here as we dutch people want to drive it in or country.
And now we are excluded :(

Why not make it like the cars. a server were you can drive everywhere and one restricted?

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17 minutes ago, Euro Trucker 2017 said:

En azından Groningen'i Hollandalıların iki katına çıkabileceği bir yer haline getirebilirdi, ancak bunun yerine tüm BeNeLux'u çiftler için kısıtlamadılar. Groningen zaten meşgul değil.

In Groningen, yes, I agree with you that it is not very busy. @Euro Trucker 2017 I think such a decision was taken because the cities of the Netherlands are very close to each other and they can feel the intensity.

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I honestly don't understand why you assume that double trailers will cause much more congestion (well, apart from Duisburg - Calais). Are double trailers on the highways within the restriction zone really going to cause more problems that would justify no-go areas? I really doubt that, they rarely cause any trouble in Scandinavia (with often more demanding terrain) and with heavy cargo DLC trailers being allowed everywhere (shorter, but heavier = slower) I think the extent of the zone is quite unreasonable.


I would suggest a week (or weekend) with none of these restrictions to gather feedback from players and mods to draft a more precise restriction zone where double trailers are actually undesirable.

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12 hours ago, Euro Trucker 2017 said:

They could've at least make Groningen a place where the Dutch can drive doubles but no instead they restrict the whole BeNeLux for doubles. Groningen isnt that busy anyways.


You forget 1 detail, imagine if they allowed too Groningen it will be Calais 2.0 because all the people wanna drive there and Groningen isn't that big too handle such big amount of players.


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I don't get this. I mean, sure it may be a good idea on roads like Calais - Duisburg to reduce the amount of players driving there, but Luxembourg? Metz? Groningen? Kassel? There are so many cities and roads here that does not need this kind of restriction. Why do you want to add unnecessary restrictions onto your players? Before the double-trailer restrictions was even added players had absolutely no problems driving these double trailers in the now restricted areas. At least remove this restriction from certain servers, preferably from Server #2. 


Like, are you intentionally trying to make it a bad experience on your multiplayer mod? There are plenty of suggestions regarding this restriction of double-trailers, but none of them have been reviewed. Not a single one before this update. Do we not have any say in the mod that we are the playerbase of? Does the community get no say in anything? 


Like I stated in my double-trailer suggestion, it's rude and toxic to auto-kick players for no valid reason. Disallowing double-trailers in central Europe, or at least around C-D road, makes absolutely no sense. It's literally just a restriction to ruin the experience for your users. 

Before you try to counter my argument;

But people can get stuck and cause traffic jams? Sure, but so can single trailers. Yesterday I drove my B-Trailer through Berlin, I never saw a double-trailer have any issue around corners or out of compounds/service stations. The only ones who had issues were single trailers trying to cut corners. With cargo they get really heavy!? Sure, but so are the Heavy Cargo DLC trailers? And we've never had any issues with these that single trailers haven't had in the restricted areas. 


I'll say it again, I can't see any logical reason(s), backed with facts, behind this restriction. 


Another reason to allow double-trailers is that, just look back on how it was when the Scandinavia DLC came out. Bergen - Oslo were just as filled with players as Calais - Duisburg is today and double trailers were working just fine there. 


Currently 2,757 players on EU#2 and this is how it looks at the moment. You mean it's impossible for double-trailers to visit Osnabrück with 24 players?

I can come back during peak times and write down the numbers again. The only cities that I truly believe should not have double-trailers are Calais and Duisburg, especially Duisburg. It will be impossible for the double trailers to leave the service station. Well, it already is impossible to leave the service station in Duisburg, especially since they made it even more narrow in patch 1.32. 


But look at these numbers, why would double-trailers be an issue in a city with 30-40 players in them? In Cities most players will be in no-collision zones. Most cities except Duisburg and Calais got no issues with their service station unless there's some dude fallen over refusing to teleport away or a single person blocking, but that happens even without the double-trailers. 


Duisburg (City) - Congested (63)

Calais (City) - Congested (58)

Brussel (City) - Heavy (30)

Rotterdam (City) - Moderate (27)

Luxembourg (City) - Moderate (25)

Frankfurt am Main (City) - Moderate (24)

Osnabrück (City) - Moderate (24)

Liège (City) - Moderate (22)

Lille (City) - Moderate (20)
Amsterdam (City) - Low (18)

Dortmund (City) - Low (17)

Hannover (City) - Low (16)

Düsseldorf (City) - Low (16)

Kassel (City) - Low (10)

Mannheim (City) - Low (10)

Bremen (City) - Low (10)

Köln (City) - Low (7)

Groningen (City) - Low (5)
Magdeburg (City) - Low (5)


Again, it just feels like you guys are intentionally trying to worsen the experience of TruckersMP. 



EU#2 is almost full, currently 3,892 players. 

Duisburg (City) - Congested (62)

Calais (City) - Congested (75)

Brussel (City) - Congested (48)

Rotterdam (City) - Congested (41)

Luxembourg (City) - Moderate (21)

Frankfurt am Main (City) - Moderate (21)

Osnabrück (City) - Moderate (27)

Liège (City) - Moderate (20)

Lille (City) - Heavy (32)

Amsterdam (City) - Heavy (33)

Dortmund (City) - Moderate (21)

Hannover (City) - Moderate (27)

Düsseldorf (City) - Heavy (31)

Kassel (City) - Low (15)

Mannheim (City) - Low (10)

Bremen (City) - Low (13)

Köln (City) - Heavy (33)

Groningen (City) - Low (8)

Magdeburg (City) - Low (15)


I still see no real indication that would suggest not to allow double trailers in any of the cities other than Duisburg and Calais (City, not dock). Maybe Brussel and Rotterdam, or just the road in between those cities. 

Edited by Glada_Laxen
Added an updated list of the population of the cities currently under restriction from double-trailers during peak-time.
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would be nice if it atually there was a way to allow game to let us pick cargoes everywere, instead of just free roaming the map.
for single player i know there is a mod that allows it, but how hard would it be to make it work with mp (like winter mod works maybe)?
i believe that being able to pick up cargoes would give a better purpose to drive doubles across europe.
also, i dont know every single country rule about doubles, but i am aware that changes are being studied by european union countries at least to allow doubles across EEC. i know at least portugal (not yet on map unfortunately) allow b-doubles already as a company owns 3 of them since 2013 (or close to that year) up to a lenght of 25.5m, spain since january 2016 (also not yet on map unfortunately), germany also started to allow it since april 2017, and maybe some others joining that im not aware (not counting the ones that had them for long years before this request to EEC from other countries). we should share this with SCS so they liberate these countries in the map now and in upcoming DLC :P
more info about it can be read at http://www.modularsystem.eu/en/news/news.htm

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bonjours a toutes et a tous , je voulais juste savoir si ce système de double remorque sur toutes l’Europe est déjà en place ou si il faut attendre une mise a jour car ce jour le 08/10/2018 a plusieurs reprise je n'en ai trouver aucune dans le jeu aussi bien en solo qu'en multijoueur merci a vous   

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I still cant join Truckermp. like u guys gave the instructions! But on the SERVER STATUS say 1900 people are online? is that a glitch or is it just my fault?:blink::blink::blink:

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1 minute ago, Zwilly015 said:

Hala Truckermp'a katılamam. senin gibi adamlar talimatları verdi! Ancak SERVER DURUMU'nda 1900 kişi çevrimiçi mi? Bu bir aksaklık mı yoksa sadece benim suçum mu?:goz kirpmak::goz kirpmak::goz kirpmak:


What's the problem?

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