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  1. Must be Scania I love it vehicle appearance
  2. I use save edit change engine to 750hp but I not like long trailers on the road, it will let traffic more
  3. One trailer, because truck doesn't has more powrr to drive on the road
  4. game stick because i not like use keyboard to drive any simulator game
  5. I think 110km/h speed limit is nice, driving on road feel very comfortable
  6. Have free time to driving on the road😆



    1. RepaiR


      Happy Weekends ^_^

    2. rakster [PL]

      rakster [PL]

      Have a nice time driving.

  7. Happy END!

    Asian Real Operations



  8. See you in Asian Real Operations server:D




  9. Police car last day.



  10. enjoy weekend!


    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Thanks, you too ;) 

    2. Without name

      Without name

      You too :) Mainly Happy Easter!

    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  11. I hope Skoda can making more paint_job in MP.
  12. Hello @JvR_05, You can use save editing to get a company trailer skin.Because this skin is default. You need to get company work quick save your file to get trailer code use save editing to own trailer If you don't know how to save editing,you can watching this topic. Kind Regards Azusakawa*
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