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  1. Happy END!

    Asian Real Operations



  2. See you in Asian Real Operations server:D




  3. Police car last day.



  4. enjoy weekend!


    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Thanks, you too ;) 

    2. Without name

      Without name

      You too :) Mainly Happy Easter!

    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      great photo :wub:

  5. I hope Skoda can making more paint_job in MP.
  6. Hello @JvR_05, You can use save editing to get a company trailer skin.Because this skin is default. You need to get company work quick save your file to get trailer code use save editing to own trailer If you don't know how to save editing,you can watching this topic. Kind Regards Azusakawa*
  7. Good afternoon!:tmp:

    Is time to work.


  8. The player banned days will change permanent ban
  9. I agree with you,when I see than ,I will stop on the ground and make video to rec them.
  10. Hello @TinyJudoka, You need to open steam first,then open TruckerMP to login. Kind Regards, Azusakawa*
  11. Free!nice update and good information
  12. White truck and trailer:wub:

    (New representation)


  13. Use parking brake lever to stop your truck and hit her trailer,I think this only one choose not any more.
  14. I seen this and make report videos every day. Funny ,right
  15. Hello @GameOnJon, You can use "Forerunner Mods" ,this mod is created by an TMP staff. If you don't how to save editing,you can watch this topic. Good Luck! Kind Regards, Auzsakawa*
  16. I'll keep going if there's no one around me.
  17. Thank you for the information
  18. I see a cool tool in twitch live,but i don't know how to find this . Can anyone help me?
  19. Hello @JonatasGatao, TruckersMP knowledge base system can help you solve your problem, and I find your question. Good lucky! Kind Regards, Azusakawa*
  20. Hello @PR0 | Serbian.No1, Maybe you can watch this topic video,install ETS2 is same method. Kind Regards, Azusakawa*
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