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  1. Ok, thanks you . This post can be closed.
  2. Hello: Im having lag when i tab to see people close to me. My fps drops to 25 fps for a second, and then come back to 60 fps. Can i do something or is it from TMP ? Thnaks.
  3. Yes, thanks to everyone. See you on the road =).
  4. Hello. Can we edit the color of our paintjob, like corvus ex machina paint job, without taking risk of being banned? Its onlye a change in hex values of the save file. Thanks . And I apologize for asking frecuently.
  5. Ok. Thanks you, and sorry, i didnt see that the same question has been asked before.
  6. I ask this because of the rule that say: Using any kind of tool to change gameplay, including but not limited to using the in-game console, trainers or cheat engine in order to bypass the speeding limiter, to jump hack, no collision hack or anything similar. Misusing features such as the ghost mode to cause damage to others or similar. I guess i would not cause any problem to other players but i like to be 100% sure when i modify something.
  7. Hello again. I saw some time ago this video Are we allowed to do this changes without the risk of being banned? Thanks =).
  8. Hello. I want to know if its possiblw to get a company trailer skin, like eacres, in one of my owned trailers, and i want to know if this modification is banneable. Thanks.
  9. Ok thanks. Yes, my question has been answered =)
  10. Hello. I have been watching that rule says that trailer wheels can be changed, then there is a post that ask you some questions in order to know if a mod is allowed and it says that yo cant change trailer wheels. Finally i read that forerunners customization mod says no to change trailers wheels, while other allowed mods that i had asked for in order to know if they are allowed or not, and they are, allow you to customize your old trailers wheels. Let me know what of them are valid right now please. Thanks and sorry for my english level, and as always, sorry for ask again but i just want to follow the rules and now im confused. Thanks again and accept my apologizes please. (I had asked for this mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1659765007 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1677640255&searchtext= and people said me that are allowed, and this mods allow you to change trailers wheels)
  11. Javi05_

    I need a GM

    Ok, so i will have to wait then a few days. I did a report against myself because yesterday night i did one thingh wrong and i wanted to know as soon as possible how much time my punishment will be. But i will have to wait to know it then. Thanks.
  12. Javi05_

    I need a GM

    Hello. I need one GM that can help me looking my last report. I really apreciate if you do it. Sorry for those GM that i wrote trough PM. Thanks and excuse me.
  13. Ok thanks you . Yes, it is. See you on the road!!! =))
  14. Hello. I want to know if this trailers mod are allowed for using it on MP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1659765007 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1677640255&searchtext= Sorry ask too much about this type of topics, but as i said ion other post, i want to be 100% sure about dont do something agaisnt the rules (too many hour expendend for being banned for this). Sorry if my english is not perfect. Thnaks Its says that works on MP but i have read on the rule to ask for confirmation
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