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  1. Thank you for following me, @Asierrayo ;)

    1. [D.G.T]Asierrayo[ES]


      No problem, I have you in Steam ;)


      Además, hablas español ;P

  2. Thanks for the info !! xD " I just hope everything goes well and would be much better. "
  3. Oh my god... :wow:

    Where are you going? xD



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    2. Lucy*


      :thisisfine: Hello, @CroTruckTMP...


      Oh, my mistake!

      Hello, Mr.DeadPool! lol

    3. [CESC]01Carltru  ^[ARG]^
  4. Thanks for sharing~! And I expect that you'd try to consider the views and opinions of people as much as possible.
  5. Hello? :thinking: ... Hello. :mellow: ..... Hello:love:

  6. I think it's really useful one. " Thank you for your dedication! "
  7. Hello, @Simulator Experiencer Yes. It doesn't matter what the color is(except red dots). As you can see, All bans marked on your punishment history(except the red ones) are going to be considered when you try to submit your applications via here. ** if you don't know well about the red dots, please refer to this post. I hope this reply helps you. Thank you.
  8. I respect this decision, but I also agree with the replies written by @BL4CK$K1LL, @DJ Jefferz and @Euro Trucker 2017. We are all human beings, not robots. Everyone progress and mature by fault or mistakes, but each individual has their own turning point. All players cannot be changed within 3 bans. And of course, someone who has more than 3 bans is also a valid user, so the same right/chances have to be given to him or her unless he or she already has a perma. The past is just past and it should be considered just a little bit when we judge someo

    Hiii, guys~! <3

    Today, I saw this on the EU2 server.




    :wow: Deja-vu~!! :troll::troll:

  10. Hello, good to see you guuuys~! <3

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