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  1. New DAF for looks with volvo engine for power and old scania transmission for acceleration
  2. @en_field I don't mind going 60 on c-d road but I prefer the 90 with wot jobs. I obey the speed limits irl (it hurts the wallet not doing it) but in ets didn't cross my mind to do it A loaded HCT is painfully slow and when there's a bit of uphill road ... turtle slow. @Joao Rodrigues Probably the others didn't notice you going 60 because they we're flying around you. Now with doubles and lower top speed it is harder to overtake, so going 60 will become annoying and probably will attract some insults (at least). When the top speed was at 150 I didn't notice anyone going 60 on CD, even when doing wot jobs. Probably i was passing them too fast also or they were crashed into and teleported to service. I was barely surviving going 90 on CD I think that maybe 1% of the players thought at one time to obey the speed limits and most of them moved on ... fast ... when they realised that they still have like 1200km until the destination.
  3. I like most of the changes, especially the speed limits, but the "only standard trailer combos" rule should be relaxed a bit like allowing btriple because it is just a bit shorter than hct and imo looks nice. (I'm driving hct 99% of the time but i still like btriples) btw ... there's a new way of trolling on c-d road already: going 60kmph because that's the speed limit
  4. It isn't. Ppl driving with doubles and triples are slower than the rest and the trolls want speed to race all other. Most of the trolls are still with skoda's or tractor only.
  5. Ok. Ty. I'll keep using my hct then. Honestly I thought it would be allowed, beeing only a bit longer than a standard B-double and shorter than hct.
  6. Is this allowed?: https://imgur.com/a/AJDAebO I know it is a triple but it is actually shorter than 4-2-4 hct, and technically 4-2-4 hct is a triple also See this for comparision: https://imgur.com/a/SNmdX50
  7. /agree with the majority of post. It's just dull to always drive in the dark
  8. adisadicu


    I still think that it has to do with your SSHD if your network connection is stable. That SSHD is terribly incosistent performance wise and also has a quite high failure rate. If you can, I reccomend getting a new NAS series hdd like WD Red Pro (7200rmp and with 256Mb buffer. not the 128Mb ones) or the gold ones for a bit higher speed but also more expensive. I've heard that newer models from Seagate improved on reliability but only time will tell.
  9. adisadicu


    If the game is on the HDD, try moving it on the SSD and/or If you want to go to some crowded places like c-d road, first go to calais or lille and wait a bit for the game to load the players around you. That way you'll have the trucks and other stuff loaded into memory, and the game will only load the terrain when driving around.
  10. If you intend to play games on both monitors, the bezel will be annoying. Better get one with 21:9 aspect ratio (quite a lot of models out there and it's like a wide monitor+a half), or just go ahead for 3 monitor setup. Some 21:9 monitors from lg: https://www.lg.com/uk/ultrawide-monitors I have the older LG 29UM68 and it's very nice.
  11. That trailer is allowed in MP. Check this post: Even the one in the next post in that thread is allowed. (After beeing kicked once )
  12. You can get jobs with doubles outside scandinavia by save-editing and changing the trailerdef to the single equivalent. Dunno if this is allowed in MP so try it at your own risk
  13. The kick zone is still the circle in the map from the old guide. You can go to Metz from south and half of Lille if going from Calais.
  14. I have just been kicked for excessive save editing ... using this: I didn't use any slot twice, and is not over length. So is this allowed or not? Is it too much? Looks nice imo. LE: It is a standard BDouble, curtain body on first trailer replaced by hi_pressure_tank cargo, and second trailer replaced with the overweight trailer and excavator cargo (dummy). The truck has the transmission and engine from the older model (faster and nicer sound), everything else is standard.
  15. Hi. I want to clarify if the following trailer combos are allowed or not. 1. BTriple (probably not) 2. BDouble and a half (probably not) 3. BDouble with a different second trailer (probably it is allowed because it is not longer than standard BDouble)
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