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  1. Lille or Frankfurt. Frankfurt has many cities around with ADR loads so if you put you first points into ADR will get you a lot of money early on.
  2. The old scania (very long time ago). The V8 sound was the best in the whole game.
  3. I still think that it has to do with your SSHD if your network connection is stable. That SSHD is terribly incosistent performance wise and also has a quite high failure rate. If you can, I reccomend getting a new NAS series hdd like WD Red Pro (7200rmp and with 256Mb buffer. not the 128Mb ones) or the gold ones for a bit higher speed but also more expensive. I've heard that newer models from Seagate improved on reliability but only time will tell.
  4. If the game is on the HDD, try moving it on the SSD and/or If you want to go to some crowded places like c-d road, first go to calais or lille and wait a bit for the game to load the players around you. That way you'll have the trucks and other stuff loaded into memory, and the game will only load the terrain when driving around.
  5. The kick zone is still the circle in the map from the old guide. You can go to Metz from south and half of Lille if going from Calais.
  6. I did some poking around "The Zone" on EU3 to see where I get kicked for driving a double and this is what emerged It looks like a big circle centered in Duisburg. It could be somewhat altered on eu2 covering Calais but i really didn't want to test on it with the queue size atm. The position of the circle leads to some strange border placement: - Metz is accesibile only from south - Lille is cut in half
  7. The side road, east of Frankfurt, cross intersection: the road going right and that going south aren't in the kick zone. You get the warning that you're close but you don't get kicked at the intersection. Probably only the road going to Frankfurt is inside the kick area.
  8. Thank you for your clarifications about the map i was using and i really hope to see a map by developers with the "exclusion" zone to know where not to go. That border near Frankfurt is really a bad choice... when you see the announcement you can't turn around only if you go the wrong way.
  9. According to the single image with the double auto-kick area i was waaaaay outside of it but i was kicked. Is it a bug or the kick area just grew? Screenshot with map: The picture i used as a guide is in this thread: and you can clearly see that Frankfurt is outside the "red zone".
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