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@AdaBey the lying face can be abused much more easily, hence why we will not add it. The monocle emoji does not serve a global purpose, so it is not going to be added either.

@HamitCanKilic it is a very special emoticon which people would use in rare contexts only, we will not add it.

@Can_T. this very angry emoji is too negative as to contribute to a nicer environment on the forum.


:RIP: was added


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Dear Truckers,   as a part of our forum rework, which is still an ongoing process, we decided to have a revision of the emoticons which are available on the forum. By doing so, we ask for yo


Emoticon name: :sadcat: Picture: https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/475980249394446347.png?v=1

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scs - cos why not












(could be used as rep)






No electrons were harmed during the creation, transmission or reading of this posting. However, many were excited and some may have enjoyed the experience





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Guest CrackPrewier







:agreewithyou: or :like:



:disagreewithyou: or :dislike:


(I think it is handy emoticons for suggestions open for discussion.)

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@CrackPrewier the sleeping emoji might come with the IPB upgrade to 4.3 and the gg will not be considered as there are only a few situations in which you could effectively use it. The thumb reactions are not going to be added either for the simple reason that people may just post that only without any text. It would encourage post farming which we do not want.


@Jrsydevil this would only be useful for the American Truck Simulator, hence why we are not adding it as of now.


@[No][Tr]Sgt.Prinsesse Av a similar emoji would likely come with the above-mentioned upgrade.


@Janberk this was suggested before - it has a too negative connotation.


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