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  1. Congratulations Ashley Good luck:)

  2. Congratulations Lady :)

  3. The picture is punished for being GIF
  4. What recording software do you use.

    I am using OBS and I would recommend the program to the satisfaction
  5. TruckersMP - Konvoy Kontrol Ekibi Alımı

    Her takım için ingilizce gerekli ve başvuru yapmanız için 1 yıl içinde ban yememeniz gerekiyor
  6. Applying for support...

    You should not receive in-game penalties within 1 year
  7. Congratulations :)

    1. KhaosHammer


      Thank you BombZ ^-^

  8. Discussion about truck brands

    SCANIA I'm happy with the speed VOLVO is beautiful in appearance MERCEDES looks good on the inside
  9. Other games

    I play csgo and gta5
  10. I am sure there will be a very nice computer
  11. Happy birthday Mate  :lol:

    1. BigLarge


      tenkyu meyt darısı senin başına :D


  12. Money mod on MP?

    @t0kana2 Welcome to the forum There are profiles ready for the game, you can use them Good Forums BombZ
  13. Hello Truckers

    Welcome you good games