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Job Offer Synchronization

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Suggestion Name: Job Offer (Freight Market) Synchronization between players
Suggestion Description: What it says on the tin. Provide a way for players to pick up the same jobs, so that it gets easier to organize convoys without people having to pick up dummy loads just to follow along.

Why should it be added?:


I developed an app that does this, but I was never quite satisfied with the results. It works, but the sync process is cumbersome and error-prone. It would be better for the user if the synchronized jobs could be injected directly into the freight market instead of requiring the user to change the save format to text (it used to work on binary saves as well, but small changes to the format were made in ETS2 1.25 and I haven't been able to reverse-engineer those), save the game, run an app to inject the synchronized jobs into the save, load it, and revert the change to the save format.

I don't have the time or the technical expertise to inject code into the game process to do that, and the TruckersMP client already does that. Not knowing the internals of the game and of the TruckersMP client I don't know how difficult it would be to implement such a feature, but if it's not too hard I think it could be a nice feature to have, and the TruckersMP client could provide a smoother user experience, one I never would be able to provide with my app.

Even a new feature that has been requested to me would be better suited for TruckersMP, namely the ability to share one or more jobs generated by the user's game, or maybe even for the user to be able to create a job to share. That's something I could do with my app, but it would require a website where users would have to register so that they could be associated with  the jobs they shared.  This whole user registration process and the infrastructure to host it is another thing that TruckersMP already has.

I'm not being lazy, or trying to get TruckersMP to do my job for me. I just think this feature fits with the purpose of TruckersMP and if implemented in the client it would work a lot better (simpler, easier, faster, better integrated) than anything I could make from outside of the game.

Here's my repo, where you can see the 17-step process users have to follow to be able to sync jobs using my app (as well as the code behind it—not that I think it would be of any use to you, but in case you're curious):

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On 1/14/2018 at 5:44 PM, antrax737 said:

Umm, what's wrong with WOTR? It does everything you described if i understood everything. It just doesnt let you drive over 90kmh/65mph.


Last time I tried to use it for that, which admittedly was a long time ago, the server had only one instance of each job. As in, if one person picks a job, it disappears from the list of available jobs, so other people can't choose the same.

I don't know if SCS changed that behavior since then (I haven't been playing all that much), but I saw people complain that during the Christmas event they were having trouble finding those Gifts jobs, which would lead me to assume they didn't.

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I believe you are correct, if you want to do a WOTR job with someone you have to select it at the exact same time otherwise it disappears. Therefore I'll +1 this idea, having been director of events at a couple of different VTC's we've used your synch program over anything else, it's a lot easier to install and use than virtual speditor or other such programs, but I'm frequently responding to issues with installation. If this was integrated into MP it would be a lot simpler not just to drive with people (which is surely the whole idea of TMP) but also to do convoys and large scale events. 

I can see the point which is the sync program already exists, as does Virtual Speditor so why does this need to be incorporated into TMP itself? Well, as I alluded to some people struggle to install this kind of software, or if you're new and you find someone in game to hang out with you're not going to want to be told 'go install this software so we can get the same jobs together'. I think it'd be a shame to turn a blind eye to such great software that makes it a lot more user friendly and as David says; surely is in line with what TMP's whole goal is.

The long and short of it is +1, good work as always David.

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The trick with wotr is: you all click on wotr jobs in-game, now because you did it at almost the same time 10sec-/+, you all should have the same jobs. Now if you refresh the job list some of the jobs will disapear, but only for the guy who refreshed, if you all refresh at somehow the same time you'll all have synced jobs again. If you close job browser and then re-open it the same will happen as with refresh. I am doing wotr jobs with my friends all the time, we all have the same jobs all the time, i dont know why u wouldn't.

You can open wotr job browser go afk for 3 hours and when you'll come back you will still have exactly the same jobs as 3 hours ago, in reality those jobs are long gone, taken by other truckers, wotr job list in game does not refresh itself, you have to refresh it by clicking the refresh button or close and re-open the job browser, therefore once you open the job browser you can spend 15 minutes figuring out where you'd want to go...


I'm using virtual speditor too, but not for convoys with friends, it takes too long even tho it's really easy, wotr is faster because we got it all already synced. Try it you won't regret.

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