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  1. thanks Prayhs but i have already verified the game files i wouldnt have reported the issue otherwise, and no the only time i have the issues on single player is on promods
  2. +1 this often when a player gets so close they vanish of the minimap
  3. +1 on this, so many issues in fuel stations
  4. something like this would be a great addition
  5. +1 from me 15 seconds is not nearly enough, sometimes i accidentally press the wrong button and am not able to get to the correct one quick enough
  6. Since the recent update i have recently had lots of issues with getting damage from seemingly invisible walls, barriers etc, i have browsed around and on many cases there way be walls or such nearby but not close enough to cause any damage, i have had damage from driving through fuel stations in some situations where the fuel station roof is skimming the trailer load. i have had some cases where i have clipped off barriers despite not being close enough to them. some toll booths where despite there clearly being space i seem to get stuck and unable to move without causing damage to truck and or trailer and in some cases getting shocking amounts of damage for as mentioned not actually touching anything or in very few cases barely skimming something. please look into this issue
  7. thanks yeah i missed that post, now i can understand if they used different coding that actually does make sense for it to take longer
  8. Hi i previously mentioned how ETS gets updated all the time, my message was rejected as there were several other mentions around the same as mine yet they are all closed with no way of adding further comment, that was on we have since had atleast 4 more game updates and on version there had been 1 update on tmp yet the supported version remained at, i prefer ATS to ETS and yet i am forced to play ETS online or ATS offline because i dont want to be stuck on an outdated build that has issues on ATS , i know there are many more out there that feel the same way, im not being mean about this but im just trying to put out how appreciative of an updated version especially considering how quickly ETS gets the updates https://gyazo.com/b0d7e2df882b4578da4823f5cf877f39
  9. i was talking about this on stream, its a great command to have say when your getting trolled, especially when reports always get rejected so trolls get away with it anyway, i saw someone mention about when you flip yourself sometimes this may not be easy say some steering wheels that have say lower lock ratios that can flip at the slightest of turns, ie yesterday my accelerator and brake wasn't working correctly and the absolute slightest turns would either not turn at all or do a full turn, and tweaking the settings does nothing to affect this, also there is moments where ive wacked into seemingly nothing or got stuck on seemingly nothing and yet received tons of damage often damage i get is not my fault but problems like these mentioned, the /fix command helps that atleast in anything but external as mentioned the damage still applies, i for one know of several people myself included who get trolled whilest streaming and we typically only do external contracts in those convoys. there needs to be some kind of limitation to it but 10mins can perhaps be too much, if you have a troll sometimes they will stick with you and even jump to repair station when you do (if you get flipped), the mods need to do their jobs properly and pay attention to reports etc, maybe eventually the need for this command would then be needless. one of my suggestions on stream was something like no /fix command if you are not on a job this would limit trolls as they are usually cars or trucks without a trailer, and a limited amount of usages during a job maybe even distance based something like 1 use for every 100miles allowed or something like that
  10. i keep getting a 10 second warning for driving without headlights at daytime in game, 3pm gametime, it it very light, no fog no poor visibility etc so i if those rules are trying to be enforced i am beein kicked for false pretences and its getting very annoying especially considering i am trying to stream but have to keep restarting the game, i even turned on the lights to low beam but still got kicked ps this is on ATS
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