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  1. vrobcio

    Highlight player that come closer

    Topic isn't about distance meter but about colors on it to see which players are coming near us And just like I said: "(...) love the idea of sorting player list via distance" BTW. Topic was started 2 yrs ago And no actions taken about it
  2. Kliknij OK i po problemie, co jakiś czas uruchamiając ETS2 prze Launcher TruckersMP też mi się to pojawia
  3. vrobcio Released

    There is no rule when it comes to heavy cargo. Try to take another job with HC and see if everything will be fine then. If not try reinstalling the DLC. In my case it helped but sometimes I still getting this bug
  4. I know it could be childish but that's little awkward


  5. vrobcio Released

    You can always disable wintermod by yourself In game press tab, click RMB for cursor to occur, then settings->mods and uncheck Wintermod. Restart game
  6. vrobcio

    invalid accessory

    This bug doesn't always occur, try to take different job with a heavy load
  7. vrobcio

    Commend System

    +1 Very good idea. Especially it would give other players a reason to behave as the should, because to be honest every one like to collect points I think there shouldn't be any indicator for bad driving tho' - Some people could use it inappropriate way like: "I don't like you, I'll give you bad mark" or just to troll. So just keep the good marks Edit: Wow, the thread is from two years ago
  8. vrobcio

    What engine do you use?

    I use for my Volvo a 750HP engine becasue I usually do heavy lifting
  9. vrobcio

    Przyciszenie scout'ów

    Na EU#3 bodajże tylko admini mogą nimi jeździć A jeżeli chodzi o pomysł to jestem za. Albo przyciszyć istniejący dźwięk albo zmienić na mniej frustrujący +1
  10. vrobcio

    Smart GPS

    Great idea, love it +1
  11. vrobcio

    No DLC optimization

    Suggestion Name: No DLC optimization Suggestion Description: Change parts/textures from DLC to stock ones for clients that don't have DLC. In example trailers from Schwarzmuller DLC to analogue one from vanilla version (or just white trailer with no text) or parts from Mighty Griffin Pack/DAF Tuning Pack to stock parts Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: I have all DLC now, but before that I saw big red trailers with "No Texture" text on them or trucks that's missing parts, like big hole in front. I think changing that would help people without certain DLC's
  12. vrobcio

    Highlight player that come closer

    So maybe sort players by the distance on tab list not by who you've spotted first
  13. vrobcio

    CV vrobcio - średni staż

    Temat do zamknięcia. Dziękuję serdecznie wszystkim za oferty i szerokości.
  14. vrobcio

    [Zabawa] Wyraz na ostatnią literę