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Winter is coming...

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59 minutes ago, SailingBarista said:

If we're going to wait as long as GoT made us wait, we'll soon die of boredom, :D not of cold. Anyway it'd be nice of devs to share with just a small pieces of info, only to spice things up :)

"Winter is here" :) This is already a reality.

3 minutes ago, Sgt.CameronA said:

Ah keep waiting. It will be spectacular! 

In the livestream of kat_pw already have something! :lol:

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46 minutes ago, KL-TheBeast said:

I (and much more) think, is never come, or is come on summer 2019^^


Every year so far they've done this, and every year we go through this exact same process, the thread comes up and everyone starts raging about the snow mod, when it's gunna come etc


Past experience tells me, between the 2nd and 3rd week of december, is when it will be here, if memory serves me well this is usually when it came out the past 2 or 3 years now :)


8 hours ago, Merengue4ever said:

i can't help but wonder does this Mod have a physics mod where a truck might slip if you hit the brakes hard for example 

or move slowly if you get a truck moving on a pile of snow <_<


I'm not sure if anything is different this year, however in the past years there were no physics changes, just snow covering everything, and snowflakes replacing the rain, which I thought was really cool actually. (come January you'll see alot of threads complaining about it still snowing, even though they've turned the snow mod off, be prepared :P )

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Guys! Stop asking 'when is snow being added' 'when is it being released' give the Developers time to work on it! It will arrive when they think it is ready! 

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