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  1. I have the same error... but...
  2. is it only on normal ETS2-server, or is it also on Promod-Server?
  3. THANK U Any idea what is the new "C--D"? (Most populated route) ?
  4. Soon is March 2025 or 2031
  5. What can u see as the new route like "C-D" ?
  6. I think that's the worst thing TMP ever did ... Why do I like to explain: SIMULATION SPEED LIMITER: Why? everyone should be able to drive as fast as he wants / STANDARD is possible in ETS2! ARCADE COLLISIONS INACTIVE:: Why? because others can not drive and some people are unable to manage it? and all this with the SAVE EDITING: WHY NO TRIPLES MORE IN ETS2? Have you been completely stupid ??? !!! Well, it will be time IFMP and / or HGVMP go live, will probably be better ... WHOM MY OPINION HAS NOT LIKED CAN OVERFLOW / IGNORE THIS (TMP BLÖDIS TAKEN) ... BEAUTIFUL SUMMER WISHED YOU!
  7. why there are sleeping.
  8. i thats it, i need help...^^...!
  9. Can anyone please help me to have the same trailer-combo pls :-)
  10. das hab ich so verstanden, wie mach ich das... Trailer im SP annehmen und dann in den mp gehn, das mag er nicht... was mach ich falsch... Das NUR ich ihn sehn ist mir klar
  11. frage: also kan man ja einen designten teailer im MP fahren (aber nur ich seh ihn so)? Beispiel trailer:
  12. My Solution to all the problems: /fix <-- YES, but with a timer, example: one player can do this al 90 minutes, not more... Skoda <-- Yes, only for Admins, and/or: For players with speedlimit to 50Km/h (Exepted in Event-Servers). Game-Admins <--- More G.A.'s online, or Game-supporter (they can only kick players or port on Repair-Stations) High-Ping-Countrys (BR, CHINA and others) <-- Have own server, or activate Geo-Blocker - END -
  13. this Rule is for all the MF-Noobs who drive as real BIG-NOOBS.. Is a Truck-Drive game, not a TRUCK-Race-Game...!!! And ALL people who drive as a noob who not read and not follow the rules, must be hacked and Steam be stolen !!! This do me so Angry to see all the "HeadKids" play as the biggestlosers in the world!!! why? Why there will PLAY a game without APPLY rules !!! Stupid-Truck-Noob-Race-Drivers !!! AND IF U FORGET THE RULES, THERE ARE HERE: TMP-RULES!!!
  14. SERVER RESTART: Update?
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