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  1. Ok I have messaged them thanks guys
  2. Hi, I have sent a ticket for my account to be banned due to hackers. Is this the correct way of selecting a support ticket and then account issues? Also If someone was to make a new account and their old one was temp banned. Does this mean that they are ban evading? Not saying I would do this as I follow the rules and would not do that that, but thanks for your help
  3. How can I have my account temp banned for now and then appeal later If I wanted? I know you can not delete it but I wish to leave cause of hackers hacking my account. I have left a support ticket but is there any other way? thanks
  4. How would truckersmp know if some one has ban evaded? Like how would they? And because someone people have realities who play on the same pic risk getting them banned?
  5. should be in the settings, you-tube should have some tutorials. You messaged ticket yet?
  6. Yeah you will need to come out of beta on steam
  7. I have used that screen shot as I had to postpone the update. I also purchased some new DLC
  8. awh really? Be great when the snow does come. Can't wait for the snow driving!!! I will keep you guys updated aswell, If i hear anything
  9. I would love to have that option, yeah I think it should be added
  10. I might create a VTC account so I message you If I do.
  11. Very helpful, but one thing..... Some will never follow this
  12. I agree, one it saves admin time, two it prevents trolling,three it prevents the rules being broken easily and four it adds more realism to what you can do and can't with a real car
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