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  1. Dont need activate, just put in the folder and start the game
  2. I put the mod to "ETS2MP/mod" map, and not working...still no snow, no box in "mod" settings...
  3. The problem is, u wrote in official news - winter mode come when Italy come to Mp or few days later and Italy is in Mp, and now 3 days later..so i can understand they cant stop ask this xd Im patient, when i want snow i just go play Sp with mods
  4. I dont understand the admins. Anyone ramming to me, in my lane! and i wanted turn back, because after this accident i was in wrong way, and the admin kick me, not the player who ramming to me wtf logic...

  5. I dont use any hack or mod, im clear player. And this happend when i make a world of truck job, but only at that point, at another point no. My internet and pc perfect. So its weird,
  6. Hi, i have this problem. Always when i reach this point i have this error. Anyone can help me how can i solve this?
  7. Same here with Europe 1, 4 , but Europe 2, 3 working
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