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How to stop the spamming of VTCs in game chat

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Suggestion Name: How to stop the spamming of VTCs in game chat


Suggestion Description: Basically, a system where if the server detects the same (or a very similar) message more than 3 times within 5 minutes then the user is kicked for spamming. I did first think of the same message, but then people would say "Join my VTC!" "Join my VTC! ." "Join my VTC! 1" and all that. So a similar message more than 3 times within 5 minutes and they're kicked for spamming.


The kick message could be like: "You have been kicked from the game. Reason: Spamming- if it is a VTC create a forum thread."


Any example images: None


Why this should be added: It's really annoying going through busy areas with the same person sending the same message over and over. I know if its very very obvious then an admin would sort it out, but sometimes it's just one every 30 seconds, which is still enough to be annoying.

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I agree with you that it can be annoying, especially when it's alot of it in busy areas and so on.

Me personally, deosn't really bother me, but I guess most people agree with you.


So after all, I like your suggestion and I think it has potential to maybe becoming a feature or atleast a similar one.

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I would definitely like to see this one added as it can be come very irritating and also very tedious if you have the EXACT same person posting the EXACT same message.


Like I'm sure after the first message, people will have decided whether they wanna join your company or not, right?


And I'm so so sure that if VTC managers are posting messages constantly, it may turn people away from said VTC due to the constant spam.


Also, I've noticed that they have spreaded to the Calais - Duisburg road too in recent days as the road has become noticeably more popular.



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+1 But imo you could just get a "writing blocker" that takes away your ability to write for a certain amount of time if the same text gets detected within 20/30sec and then the "blocker" comes on and you can't write for 1-3min. And if you keep going after that and the same happens, then you could get kicked. :) 


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Yes that's a bit annoying your chat is being spammed by thoose messages,which :lol: are useless and you are losing the useful messages you want!

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Guest Caitlin.

+1 if a VTC Member/Owner sent a message into the game chat 3-4 times in a short time (like in 1-2 minutes) there should pop up a message from the system saying "You sent a message too often in this limited time in the Game Chat! Please try it again later" or however it sounds better! just to stop this spamming from the VTC's! :P 

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The VTC Owner or Recruiters sent these messages because they need drivers for their company. A solution to this could be an extra option in the report menu called: ''Spamming Chat''. The admin could kick them for that and if they come back and do it again, they will be banned for a few days.

This is my idea to stop it.


Kind Regards,


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I mean, this could backfire... for example, someone has Alt-Tabbed in the road ahead and you are staying back to warn people. You could get kicked for just trying to help. That being said, I like the concept and give it a +1, might need some tuning in some way however.

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On 9/20/2016 at 9:59 AM, Prime said:

There is already a rule about spamming...

Chat Spamming - NEW
Using the in-game chat abusively, repeating the same message 3+ times in a row in 1 minute within a populated area. Convoy control exempt for the purposes of directing a convoy alone.

Like I said earlier: there is already a rule about chat spamming, if you see someone spamming chat then please take evidence and report.

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3 times in 5 minutes should end with automatic kick from the game.
3 times in 1 minute - it's a lot and happens very rarely. That's why it's hard to report and even make a proof without timestamps in game chat. How to proof that lines apear in 1 minutes, not in 1 hour if noone else use the chat? I know.. it almost never happened. The evidence is useless especially when people chat a lot.

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