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Does your game like to freeze for 1-5 seconds and continue on?

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Mine used to as well. It got really bad on ETS2:MP to the point where I gave up wondering what was causing it and gave up playing. Then, American truck simulator came out and of course I had to play MP. Went fine for a week or so only to experience this problem. Today, I found out as to why and figured I post it here for anyone else having that problem (I don't think it's been posted yet)


So just to sum it up I used to drive along down the map and notice that my game would literally freeze (could range for 1 second to 7 seconds) even though my FPS said I was getting a solid 13 (I usually get 60FPS) I would un-freeze and carry on to the spot that I froze at (obviously that would cause players to glitch in side of me, hit me, etc.)


Simple fix:

  1. Load into ATS:MP/ETS2:MP
  2. Click on the settings tab
  3. In the general tab, tick off "Development Logging"


Vola, not a problem with FPS drop for freeze yet after I done that.

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PC Specs:


CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition

Memory: 16GB DDR3 G SKILL 1600mhz

Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (2GB)

Mobo: MSI H81M-P33

Case: Antec VSK3000E

Power Supply: EVGA 500w 80+

HDD: (3x) 1TB Western Digital


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1 hour ago, MrCreeper said:

 actually m8


if you have alot of drivers and the freezing is the game autosaving


and you fix it by sacking all your drivers or alot of them


worked for me


You mean like the drivers i hired before ? Cause i have 250's lol

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I had kind of the same problem. Every 5 min during autosave the game used to freeze for some secs. As I found out later, it happened due to the number of my trucks and drivers I had hired. Synchronizing took a lot of time so the game freezed. I solved this problem simply by selling all trucks, except those ones I use, and dismissing all my employees.

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