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  1. Is this an official effort from TruckersMP or a third party trying to produce merchandise?
  2. I would be interested in a truck themed shirt. Not just a logo on a plain t-shirt kind of thing. Something like http://amzn.to/2bkRdrr would be great
  3. I had to google 18 WOS. Looks like it must have been a good game in its time.
  4. Maybe you are right . At least it will stop TruckersMP from feeling like a cheap copy of NFS World.
  5. Absolutely true. I drive a the weakest engine of any truck to keep it realistic and challenging.
  6. I'm driving with GlobEx. Look it up in the VTC section. Not too small and but largely Australian. Timezone difference works for me at the moment. My Steam ID is Abhi Racing. If you want to add me. I'm around for an hour or so each night.
  7. anyone still around? If you are, my Steam ID is Abhi Racing
  8. That's a nice story. And, will we see native multiplayer within ETS, now that you have joined them?
  9. But, does it have any adverse effects of disabling dev logging? I have the same problem as OP. My ping is 195 to the server.
  10. With a 420 hp Volvo J Spec and a 900 degrees G27, the Works of Trucks Contacts has been a great addition. I don't usually break the rules so 90kmph role is fine by me. Have been doing them almost exclusively since the update.
  11. Thank you for your guide. I see all my WoT jobs seem to start in Venezia in Italy. I do not get any other jobs. Any idea how to refresh this list so that I get jobs from other places too?
  12. I have not tried reinstalling, is there no other way? I am on a metred internet connection and "just" 8mbps. Doing this will take a long time.
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