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  1. 12 hours later and many headaches trying to fix my vBulletin only to find out my host forcefully updated my PHP version. <_< Thanks for the warning HostGator.

  2. Time to switch back over to ETS2. Awesome update!
  3. Decided to make another one yesterday. Don't judge, I was up for over 24 hours and pretty much anything was funny to me at that point.



  4. So after two and a half painful hours of uploading I finally got a video uploaded. What do y'all think? Not to bad for my first time opening sony vegas. Was debating on cutting everything out until 2:21 but meh. Criticism is wanted :P

    **There may or may not be vulgar language. You may or may not have been warned** - For all you PG-13's out there :lol:



    1. Kielly


      Now and only now that it's uploading I'm seeing issues that could of been a quick fix and many other thing's I would revise. Oh well.

      Prime example at 2:30. Funny enough the "boing" sound effect was in sync on the actual project file haha

  5. In the mood to put my editing skills to the test with a new program. Making a video compilation of hilarious moments in ATS and idiotic moments. I have a good few clips but I don't feel like driving around forever to find something funny to add in. If you got anything you'd like me to add in email it to [email protected] and ill be sure to give you credit!

  6. Seemed to have forgotten how to change my signature. :unsure:

    1. FirestarteR93
    2. Kielly


      -_- .. There are times where I feel like I'm the next Einstein. Then, there are more times like this. Thank you lol.

    3. FirestarteR93
  7. Mine used to as well. It got really bad on ETS2:MP to the point where I gave up wondering what was causing it and gave up playing. Then, American truck simulator came out and of course I had to play MP. Went fine for a week or so only to experience this problem. Today, I found out as to why and figured I post it here for anyone else having that problem (I don't think it's been posted yet) So just to sum it up I used to drive along down the map and notice that my game would literally freeze (could range for 1 second to 7 seconds) even though my FPS said I was getting a solid 13 (I usually get 60FPS) I would un-freeze and carry on to the spot that I froze at (obviously that would cause players to glitch in side of me, hit me, etc.) Simple fix: Load into ATS:MP/ETS2:MP Click on the settings tab In the general tab, tick off "Development Logging" Vola, not a problem with FPS drop for freeze yet after I done that.
  8. Officially have enough footage to be able to create 20, 10 minute compilations of ETS and ATS idiots. -_-

    1. FirestarteR93


      aw Fail compilations <3

  9. Seems like every time I upgrade I'm forced to download that 500mb snow mod file again if I want to use it, else it won't work. Any way around this. With my 3-5mbps download speed it proves to be a pain..
  10. Nope. Come to think of it I tried to run Assetto Corsa today with a non compatible mod and nothing opened so maybe heres a process running I don't know about but when again task manager is telling me different. Ill try another reboot in a bit and see if it changes anything.
  11. Nothing besides Chrome is using up alot of CPU or Ram. Already checked lol and Chrome is closed when I play ETS
  12. But I mean it never happen yesterday, or early this morning, or last month. Only today after a computer restart. Specs: Intel Pentium G3258 EVGA GTX 750 Ti 2GB 8GB Ram MSI H81M-P33 Mobo
  13. not sure why my videos keep doing that automatically. I fixed it.
  14. Jsut as the title says. Restarted my PC and started playing ETS2MP and this happens, a LOT It's to the point where I can't even bare to play it. I'm not the type of person that can just brush off freezes like that lol, low FPS yes but not that. Audio is not synced to the video at all and I forgot to cut out a whopping 23 minutes of blank project haha silly me.
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