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  1. contul nu se sterge(posibil sa ceri sa-l dezactiveze, cred).
  2. ce update de windows, de drivere de retea si alte ....? nu mai scrieti tampenii. in primul rand: - ai cel putin 2 ore jucate? - ai pus in steam profilul pe public sa poata verifica sistemul ca ai jocul? - ai cel putin 1 camion cumparat? citeste si asta
  3. ^not gonna happen anytime soon
  4. so it seems that right now there is no way to launch mp(having in steam the -homedir option is ignored) without moving back the ets 2 folder with the profiles back to Documents folder. thanks. this can be closed
  5. i tried to launch the mp today and for some weeks i moved the "Documents" ets 2 folder onto where i installed the game(and set the -homedir option in steam(seems not to cause some lag spikes that i have)). i started the mp and it want's the Documents path... any options or ideas to not have to move the folder again(have some big mods in there and don't want to take space from my windows drive).
  6. lights working fine with version(for me at least)
  7. Schwarzmuller Trailer DLC is already released. if you mean the mp client to support this dlc that is a totally other mater.
  8. trailer dlc. deactivate it and it will be good
  9. NEVER disable firewall the client doesn't support the new trailer dlc, if you have it disable it in steam
  10. they should appear everytime you login, that way maybe the users that actually read the rules is above 10%?(stop people asking dumb questions)
  11. download the new new update(no more run as admin to make it work).
  12. for me it's around 3, 4 seconds, tried to untick the dev logging but still the same freezes.
  13. depends on when you try to play on europe 2 server, as it's full sometime(peak hours)even if it shows 2000/2300 the 300 i think are in queue(?)(the server randomly gives player slots) try europe 1 server.. or wait until it connects.
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