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  1. Intenta copiar tu email antes y a la hora de login haz ctrl + v para escribirlo
  2. thats because your connection its not so good or because there are a lot of players in that area - its called lagg
  3. Yes man try to lunch as administrator , if it keep not openning - reinstall the mod and check that you intall in the right folders, the restart the pc also.
  4. I have also this problem - I made screen shots and i found the guy user name in truckersmp and there appears, but when i want to make the reclaim it says not founds. His username is pierrebigboss http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=678535374
  5. I've heard that its not possible but just want to get a more serious answer, is it possible to change the radio button to talk? In the case that there isnt - wouldnt it be a good idea guys ? - What do you think? Thank you!!!
  6. Well I have a short question: Which are the tasks of the pilots drivers? What can they do, what have they to do and all this stuff?
  7. Hey, I'm a Israeli soldier I would like to serve in the game a police officer I know the rules and im able for the service How do i become a police officer?
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