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  1. Follow the steps described in this topic:
  2. It's impossible to know what will be supported in the next update because the developers usually don't share this information. However, I hope it will be in game as soon as possible.
  3. Due to the last update of the TruckersMP website you can't see other player's ban history now.
  4. Yes, if you want to do it, you need to choose "Bad Username/Tag" in the Reasons list on the "Create Report" page.
  5. It would be great if you provided us the path you selected. Anyway, I can recommend you to right click on ATS in your Steam library, select "Properties", click "Local Files" and then "Browse Local Files". In the end you have to copy that directory path in the installer.
  6. I know: HTML Visual Basic C++ Java Currently learning: Python JavaScript
  7. Your rank depends on how many posts on the forum you have. So create more interesting topics, answer other's questions, take part in communication and you will have a higher rank. Good luck!
  8. You can find fine solutions here: Try all of them. First of all, run the MP client as an administrator and check if your antivirus lets the game save files on your computer.
  9. Your friend's problem might be caused by a few different reasons. Before doing anything else, he should check whether the symbol @ is correct. Tell him to copy this symbol exactly from here to the website login form.
  10. First of all, check if you have the last version of MP launcher. Then try to run both Steam and the launcher as an Administrator. Finally, make sure that you are not opted into beta version ETS 2 1.32.
  11. Untick "ATS Multiplayer" box. If it does not work within the same session, restart the installer.
  12. You don't really need to write absolutely exact time. It doesn't matter if time in your report is half an hour earlier or later than the real time of the rules violation. But try to make the difference between the times not very big (it should be less than an hour, I think).
  13. Hello. Try to login at TruckersMP.com, then visit this page (https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings/redirect/dlc) and click "Check Games" there. It might help.
  14. Yes, it is absolutely legal and even recommended. You can use OBS Studio for this purpose, for example.
  15. https://prnt.sc This website is one of the most popular.
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