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  1. Follow the steps described in this topic:
  2. It's impossible to know what will be supported in the next update because the developers usually don't share this information. However, I hope it will be in game as soon as possible.
  3. Those who speed up very quickly can do it due to save editing. They improve their engines to 3000+ hp and take very light cargos. That's why they seem to be faster than you.
  4. Hello. I don't understand the purpose of traffic lights which switch from orange (or yellow) to red after 5-10 seconds. If the time when orange is switched on is too long, drivers won't pay much attention to this light and will continue moving through an intersection because they know they have enough time for doing that. However, if the orange light is switched to red in only 1-2 seconds, it makes all drivers more disciplined. They know it's necessary to stop at a traffic light provided that they are able to do that without sudden braking which is very dangerous for the vehicles behind them. And if they can stop only using sudden braking, they are still allowed to pass an intersection on the yellow light. And, of course, everyone must stick to speed limits in order to have enough time to brake smoothly. So I believe European traffic lights are better and more efficient than Australian ones.
  5. Due to the last update of the TruckersMP website you can't see other player's ban history now.
  6. Yes, if you want to do it, you need to choose "Bad Username/Tag" in the Reasons list on the "Create Report" page.
  7. I'm not sure that the automatic system which must kick or teleport wrong way drivers will always work properly. I can give you at least one reason: for example, someone is overtaking other trucks on a road with only one lane in each direction (I'm not talking about C-D road where overtaking is forbidden) and it takes some time. In this situation the system will take some actions against the player although he/she didn't do anything which is against the rules. So automatic systems are not always so effective and correct as people are in most cases, and developing a complexed system which can find out correctly if a player is driving wrong way or not requires plenty of different resources (first of all, too much time and effort).
  8. It will be released in the end of the year, in my opinion (November or December maybe), probably, at the same time as the new DLCs.
  9. I'm sure that some people from TruckersMP always have a look at all appropriate suggestions and try to choose good ones to implement them. However, most suggestions are not good and useful enough to be implemented. So if you have some very bright ideas about what should be added to the multiplayer, you ought to make a new suggestion but don't be upset if it gets rejected. There's always a rational reason of doing that.
  10. Now people prefer ETS 2 to ATS, especially when playing multiplayer because it has a bigger map, many DLCs and due to some other reasons. So if you want to find more people, you'd better buy ETS 2. ATS is not dead but, anyway, it's not so popular as ETS 2.
  11. I don't think you really need to have an in-game recorder in ETS2MP because it will hardly increase your FPS. You'd better buy a better graphic card (if it's possible) or manually decrease the quality of in-game graphics in the settings. Changing software will have a very small effect, I suppose.
  12. It would be great if you provided us the path you selected. Anyway, I can recommend you to right click on ATS in your Steam library, select "Properties", click "Local Files" and then "Browse Local Files". In the end you have to copy that directory path in the installer.
  13. I know: HTML Visual Basic C++ Java Currently learning: Python JavaScript
  14. Truck, of course Both ETS 2 and ATS are TRUCK simulators, first of all.
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