Temporary rules (valid during an event or a convoy)

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In this thread, i'll publish the rules which are valid during an event or a convoy. The admin who helps the organisator, will punish the players who don't follow those rules.


If you want to "legalize" your convoy/event and your rules, send a PM to HumaneWolf or an email to [email protected] respecting this format:



Type of the event:

Url to the thread:

Date and hour of the event:


Participants (min. 30 drivers or 5 VTC's + proof)

Rules in English:

Rules in your own language: (if English => not required)


You have to contact an in-game admin and ask him to help you during the event!


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Type of the event: Truckfest and convoy

Url to the thread: 

Date and hour of the event: 28th of January, 2017, 14:00 CET

Organisator: ConSec

Rules in English:


  1. Follow all instructions by Marshalls

  2. Only park in the space allocated to you

  3. Don’t drive around unless you are entering/exiting

  4. No trailers during truckfest (collect a trailer at the end when informed to by a marshall)



  1. No beacons

  2. Must have a trailer

  3. Stay in company groups or with public group

  4. Follow the directions of the pilots

  5. Stay in single file unless there is an obstruction

  6. Don’t overtake

  7. Don’t obstruct rapid response units

ConSecGroup members are exempt from the above in red



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