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  1. Havent seen the old website in a good while was nice to see it again

  2. Frumos cover :)

  3. Look to see if anyone is coming first, check to see if its a bend and if I have enough speed and then its mirror work to safely pass him
  4. Interesting thats I will look more into it
  5. I tend to only drive in convoys with my vtc I use to drive on my own but after getting into a vtc everything changed
  6. I use it a lot as probably mentioned would be good to be able to track only did people you want to see not the whole map other than that its rally good
  7. I use a classic g27 with pedals, shifter and a tobi eye so i can look around whilst driving
  8. Are you sure you are using the same steam profile as the one used on the truckersmp website?
  9. Early christmas tree anyone? https://imgur.com/13pc6rB   #RomaniaElit

  10. Python Java HTML,CSS JS Haskell, MIPS assembly language, Prolog Next in line to learn is C
  11. My company has 4 convoys a week and I try to change the trucks at least once in the 4 convoys so I usually drive daf,man,scania. If I get bored of them then I try Mercedes and range t but never iveco
  12. Me and a few of my friends did it a few times but it took a long time since the tunnels lead to blocked roads. Its good fun and hope to find more of these areas
  13. Well Done on your win :)

    1. DeyDoNN


      Thank you❤

  14. Any state as long as the map gets bigger let have it
  15. To me the new MAN Euro 6 is fast. but that could just be my own opinion. Usually everyone goes for Scania or Volvo
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