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  1. Hello everyone!


    I'll speak some about the event, organized by @Sgt Salt, me, @WhiteTiger_TMP and @GagaTheRibu for our VTC, RomaniaElit with the occasion of National Day of Romania.

    The event was a real succes for us, RomaniaElit, but besides it was the first event where I was an organizer, it was by far the most beautiful and big event created by a single VTC, or how we say, we are not a company, we are a community!

    I expected to have a lot less trucks, but the number almost doubled. From 400-500 trucks, as I thought, the number was close to 800. :wow:

    I could say I was nervous, but we did all right and everything went very well.

    A small interview offered by @Sgt Salt for TruckersMP, I keep thanking @[LKW Tr.] Kap for this, was offered immediately after the end of the event, you can see it here.

    Thank you RomaniaElit Staff and thank you TMP Staff who helped us to make history again.

    Thank you SnowBall Media team (Sorry @Sir Smokey 'cause you got kicked 2 times) and @[RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker for the great photos! You can see one here. in this post, and a lot of them right here.

    Thank you @Aragon, @MHT_, @Lorena*, @Keezome, @Matt #CarLadMatt, @Syntackz, @Ali., @slushbro, @[Интегра] ResTed, @White Wolf. @AdyManRo, @[LKW Tr.] bobi124, @sshadmin, @EHHVTC I Ollie l #BLUE19, @® Grindelward ® and everyone who helped us!








    Some lives and a video from our event you can see here:














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    2. XinBao^


      great convoy

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Looks like it was a brilliant event :wub: Well done :)

    4. Sir Smokey
  2. WhiteTiger_TMP

    Problema cu contul fratelui meu

    //Acest topic este inactiv. Va fi inchis si mutat la "Nerezolate"
  3. WhiteTiger_TMP

    ETS2 MP launcher start error

    So, @Arek, was your problem solved? Let me know
  4. Hello Everyone!


    If you are in a company with many drivers, we will be happy to see you at RomaniaElit's international convoy! The convoy will be on 1st December with the occasion of Romania's national day. This convoy is only for VTCs and we'll have a special Server for that. If you want to join us, please speak with your leader and give this to him, where you can register and also to see more details about us: 


    You can contact me, @WhiteTiger_TMP or @Sgt Salt for more informations.

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      looks great. I will contact my team to join :D 

    2. AdyManRo


      #RomaniaElit <3

  5. WhiteTiger_TMP

    Lista completa de firme romanesti.

    //RoUnited a fost stearsa, tinand cont ca nu mai exista. RullPlay Trans a fost adaugata la Nivel 3, iar RomaniaElit are acum si link-ul de la Radio.
  6. Today was the most wired day of my life I think.

    A guy from my VTC (RomaniaElit), a friend with a lot of people, BodiHD died some days ago because of health problems, he was in wheelchair... and his last wish was to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube and to make a giveaway with American Truck Simulator.

    Because he died too fast... our Manager wanted to fulfill his last wish.

    I do not know how it happened, but I don't think it was a coincidence. The winner is a guy who have to stay all of his life in wheelchair.

    It costs nothing, but you can subscribe to BodiHD's channel right here.

    We, Romanian guys who saw the live and all what happened, helped the winner after that with everything, he has now all DLCs and actually CS:GO too.

    @DanRO knows what I'm talking about... and SgtSalt too...

    Idk why I'm feeling that I want to write that here... I wish u a good night! And take care of your family.

    1. RxT MahmuD TareK
    2. WhiteTiger_TMP
    3. BlackSkill


      Im sorry to hear this, rip :(

  7. WhiteTiger_TMP


    Vom lua in considerare propunerea ta :). Multumim!
  8. WhiteTiger_TMP


    Tot nu merge... Fac un ticket la Support si...
  9. WhiteTiger_TMP


    Nu uitați, DOAR MODERATORII ( @WhiteTiger_TMP & @Sgt Salt)pot crea concursuri! Astfel, puteti trimite sugestii in acest topic de noi concursuri cu urmatoarele detalii: 1. Titlul concursului 2. Informații legate de concurs (cât mai precise) 3. Regulile concursului 4. Perioada de desfasurare 5. Data in care va fi anunțat câștigătorul/câștigătorii
  10. WhiteTiger_TMP


    Revenim din nou cu un concurs! De data aceasta nu mai vorbim de aspect, ci de reușita dvs. pe aceasta luna. Poate ca v-ați dat seama deja din titlu, acest concurs se bazează nu doar pe cea mai lunga cursa, dar și cea mai bună! Astfel, pentru acest concurs, avem următoarele reguli: 1. Cursa va trebui efectuata fără moduri care pot modifica calitățile de performanță ale camionului 2. Dovada trebuie trimisă unuia dintre noi, @WhiteTiger_TMP sau @Sgt Salt. Aceasta consta in 2 poze, plecare si sosire, in care putem vedea timpul. Ce trebuie sa postați? Pentru a participa la concurs, trimiteți poza de final cu rezultatele cursei Puteți vedea un exemplu mai jos: Câștigătorul lunii va fi anunțat pe data de 1 a fiecărei luni. @WhiteTiger_TMP & @Sgt Salt VOR ALEGE CÂȘTIGĂTORUL! CURSA CÂȘTIGĂTORULUI VA FI POSTATA MAI JOS, ÎMPREUNA CU NUMELE SĂU! Mult succes! ATENȚIE! NU CONTEAZĂ DOAR LUNGIMEA CURSEI! VOM ȚINE CONT DE: 1. LUNGIME 2. GABARIT 3. CAMIONNUL FOLOSIT
  11. Congrats maate! 

  12. WhiteTiger_TMP


    Astept sa treaca ban-ul. Dupa o luna...
  13. Topic inchis din cauza inactivitatii. //Locked and moved to nerezolvate
  14. WhiteTiger_TMP

    Problema speed limit

    Problem solved //Locked and moved to Rezolvate.