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  1. WhiteTiger_TMP

    3 Jahre ConTrans Jubiläums Konvoi

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    Militär (Military)

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  3. RomaniaElit's 3rd Anniversary On 1st June 2019 RomaniaElit celebrates the 3rd Anniversary with an International Charitable TruckFest We'll not be alone! Because this is a huge event will help us with their staff and with the donation action for Knowledge 4 Life More information about the donation action, you find here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/knowledge-4-life ^THIS IS NOT THE DONATION LINK! IS JUST FOR INFORMATION^ We'll be live on twich and youtube: The minimum target is of 200€ but the full target is of 400€ The last year we expected to have 500 trucks, but the number was over 750 trucks. Now, we are expecting to have over 1000 Trucks at our Event Essential Information Type of event International Charitable TruckFest When? 1st June 2019 18:30 GMT See your time zone here How? 4 Routes Every Route will start at the same time and will have a Leader and a Tail from our Staff Who are the Staff? RomaniaElit Team Hummanity24 Team Snowball Media Team TruckersMP Team Where? RomaniaElit's Birthday Event Server Of course that we have special rules: Roads may be blocked by event staff Event staff members only are able to overtake the convoy Event staff only may drive on wrongway Caps writing and spamming are allowed It's a VTC event, so only members from VTC's should be in attendance All other official TruckersMP rules apply If you want to join us with your VTC, please complete that: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1vqmwsK0gl0ECBQrgvPfm1l49A5n3RnC2HF529P87lq4/ The parking information, respectively the routes, will be communicated to you soon. KIND REGARDS, RomaniaElit Team
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    Die virtual transport group sucht Verstärkung...

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    Romania Delivery

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    Cum imi pot schimba poza de langa nume

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    Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Beyond the Baltic Sea

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    Wir suchen Fahrer

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    AdreseTeslim I Dostluğun Adresi

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    Austrian Logistic sucht Fahrer

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