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  1. RomaniaElit - 4 Years Of Existence HEY EVERYONE! As you already read in the title, yes, this year, RomaniaElit celebrates 4 years of existence. This year we are gonna do something different. Because we don't want again something too big and too complicated we said: QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY Well... yes, this year, only the invited communities will be able to drive with us at our event. That means for us, less lag and beautiful and detailed route We will have only one route and only a big convoy. But don't worry, will be not a boring convoy because the route will be full of surprises. More than that, the VTC with the most beautiful paintjob and the VTC with the highest attendace will become from us a DLC (The road to the Black Sea). In the following lines you can find the most important details: WHEN? 6th June 2020 17:00 UTC WHERE? On the event server: RomaniaElit - 4 Years Of Existence WHAT KIND OF EVENT IS THIS? International Truckfest Convoy PRIZES? 2 x Road to the Black Sea DLC One for the VTC with the most beautiful paintjob One for the VTC with the highest attendance We will be LIVE on YouTube and Twitch! TruckersMP will also help us a lot, not only with their live streams, but with their staff as well. Because of them, we will have an awesome event! Thank you guys! Any other details will be given in private and will be confidential As every time, we have also rules for our event and server. Your attendance at the event represents your agreement and consent to these rules. Their violation will lead to the consequences mentioned below: 1. Event Rules - Violation of these rules will result in kicking the VTC from the Event 1.1 Any information given on the event server or in private will remain confidential between us and your VTC! 1.2 The language and behavior must be adequate everywhere 1.3 You should wait the information from us. Don't spam with questions and be sure that you read and understand each rule. We will inform you as soon as possible about the parking information. 1.4 If someone from your VTC wants to be one of our Official Streamer, he can ask us and will be invited on the Discord event server. 2. Server Rules - TMP Staff reserves the right to ban or kick the people who violate those rules 2.1 Most of the TMP Rules also apply on this server 2.2.1 Cars will be not available for players, only for staff 2.2.2. Overtaking the convoy is forbidden for players 2.2.3. The event staff can overtake and drive wrong way 2.2.4. The event staff can block roads Staff are: - TMP Staff (with specific tag = 4YOE - TMP Staff ) - Event Staff (with specific tag = 4YOE - Event Staff) If you are not part of them, you can be banned or kicked! 2.3 The trucks without a trailer are not allowed on the server until the staff will announce the opposite of this rule. You will be kicked from our server if you violate it. 2.4 Only the invited VTCs/Players are allowed to be on this server. You will be kicked from our server if you violate this rule. 2.5. The special rules for our staff, which are not mentioned here, also apply. Regards, RomaniaElit
  2. Happy Birthday Monk! 🙈

  3. I expect you again in the role of Game Moderators when you have more free time I will miss you. I realize how it is with very limited time and extremely busy 😢😥😰

  4. Nooooo, my friend came out 😢


  5. Merry Christmas! ❤️ 🎅

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      Merry Christmas and have fun ^_^

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      Soryn Official

      Wishing that the Christmas snow and the splendor of this holiday season bring joy to your life and fill your heart with warmth and happiness. Merry Christmas @WhiteTiger_TMP 💗

  6. //Acceptat Mult succes!
  7. Come to see the bus live :3 ❤️ 


  8. Morning guys! I wish you a wonderful weekend!



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      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Thx, wish you a wonderful weekend too :)

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  9. Congratulations bro  ❤️ The best Game Moderator

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