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Have you ever driven on Kirkenes Quarry (Road)?


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2 minutes ago, [MCG] Chocoww [FR] said:

Yes, I have driven on this road before. It's not complicated, but you have to be very patient 👀

Hello. Thanks for your answer. 

I tried to drive on that road and often the truck stopped and did not start due to the uphill road and traffic. There is a lot of traffic and some narrow points on that road. It takes a lot of patience. 

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Yes as:


  • It's challenging a road
  • Really nice views
  • When being there, some people can be a bit more competitive
  • This place is just full of people and much less trolls that only want to ruin your game, so you have a better driving experience (mainly because if perm banned need to buy all DLCs again)
  • You can be satisfied if you get there at all or prise and shine if you get there with no damage taken
Besides, driving it is fun too.
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On 5/16/2023 at 8:41 AM, Miyu* said:

Before you go, here's my advice.




And expect 61t cargo going back and forth there, so traffic would be worse. 

That summarizes very well the kind of idiots you can find on this road. Fortunately most of the time they are just threatening on the chat and don't do anything else. But it's annoying as there are quite a bit of people with empty standard trailers trying to race (even on that road!!) and don't want to stop 2min to let people pass. That's why you end up very often with big queues because some people just don't want to wait and force their way on path where there is just space for one truck. And since nobody is leaving space between trucks, people can't reverse and you end up stuck until someone does F7 🙄


Apart from that it's a very pleasant road. And one of the rare ones that can be challenging if you make it challenging. Here is what I'm talking about:

  • Drive the most powerful Scania or Volvo in automatic with an empty standard trailer and you won't have any issue driving on that road.
  • Drive a 500bhp truck on manual with a 40T+ cargo on a long lower bed trailer and you will be challenged.
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Of course, I go back there every day, at least once, RickyOf course, I go back once a day, at least once. There are a lot of us Chinese there. It's very interesting to transport locomotive goods together.

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Yes,but its really a long time I'm not there... like 5 years ago...or more...I'm not going there anymore partly because there are too many stupid people overtaking or wanting at all costs to pass you...and partly because it's full of Chinese people with these f*** locomotives blocking traffic and going slow...

REMEMBER that you are playing a SIMULATOR GAME and this game is NOT a RACING GAME. If you like races,maybe you're on the wrong game. SL: 80-90 Km/h


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I love the road. It's like a different game when you go there. And a nice change of pace from the other areas that could be desolate. Especially if you live in America and play at later times in the day (like I do).

Although making it mid-day and making it at peak time, it's fun (was there at peak for the first time a few days ago). It's fun to sit in digital traffic, just honking your horn; not because you're angry, just because it's funny. You make friends with the people in front of you, and the guy behind you. Although I don't keep in contact with anyone. And if someone rear ends you, it happens (whatever), I can save-edit. And it's ProMods so the trolls are few and far between. Most "trolls" are just bad drivers or are under the pressure of the road.


I want to try to make it down the road at peak time tomorrow. Since it's past peak time tonight. Listen to Juice WRLD and vibe out.

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Yes, I usually like places with heavy traffic. Therefore, I often go to places with heavy traffic, such as C-D roads.
In Kirkenes, it's nice to be able to enjoy traffic jams in the exotic setting of "off-road"

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The quarry road is a very nice addition to ProMods with the lovely scenic view. The only problem is many people aren't willing to co-operate with others and be patient. Often time you'll find someone blocking as they were too impatient and decided to try a stupid move.

It's a lovely place to drive during non-peak hours though as 90% of the people there are switched on problem solving wise and are patient.

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