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  1. Loved the event, very creative overall. Maybe in a future event similar to this, there could be different rewards for particular amounts of cargo delivered. (E.G: If the person delivers 5 of the cargo, they get a badge, 10 of the cargo for a truck accessory, etc.)
  2. A gaming PC is never not gonna be worth it in my opinion. No matter how old you are, there's always an urge to play games sometimes. I have spent an uncountable amount of money (at least $3000 AUD) on car modifications (exhaust, suspension, custom facia, various aftermarket parts, etc). Being a car enthusiast really hurts the bank
  3. I personally do not understand the requirement in being active in the forums (for the Game Moderation application). Is it to see if you are a person who willingly assists people with their questions and concerns about various topics regarding TruckersMP, ETS2 and ATS or is it just to ensure you are able to use the forums correctly etc..
  4. The quarry road is a very nice addition to ProMods with the lovely scenic view. The only problem is many people aren't willing to co-operate with others and be patient. Often time you'll find someone blocking as they were too impatient and decided to try a stupid move. It's a lovely place to drive during non-peak hours though as 90% of the people there are switched on problem solving wise and are patient.
  5. No because the caravan seems too boring in my opinion and I barely drive the Skoda. It would be nice if we could get more trailer options for the Skoda but I'd assume that wouldn't work as the caravan is the only AI trailer suitable for it (I think) and I'd assume they'd not want to implement a custom trailer as it would be resource heavy.
  6. It is always the people that have high ping that are impatient and overtake only to lag into the person they are overtaking and cause an accident. Me personally, I'd never overtake because part of the game is traffic first of all so just getting to your destination with no hiccups at all feels too boring and repetitive and second of all, my ping isn't the best as I reside in Australia so I don't want to be one of those people to cause an accident overtaking.
  7. Definitely 2. The first images field of view looks a bit too wide in my opinion and the sun rays in the second image look really nice.
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