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Reaching 5,000,000 Registered Users

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Firstly congrats and respect to all the people involved reaching such a big project. I appreciate the amount of work and energy to reach such a size. 

And everything I will say below can easily be understood and justified by the huge amount of dedication it takes to make this sort of project successful.


Now, it was quickly covered by some other players above, if we are 100% honest and look in details, the picture isn't as bright as we would have liked (still pretty damn good for such an old project and game!!).

1M extra accounts between FEB-2021 and now. The problem is that when we compare it with the number of players during this period, the curve isn't going in the same direction:


Since FEB-2021 the average number of players decreased from ~10K per day (until June 2021) to 5K per day.



In comparison if we take the same duration (2 years) but for the period FEB-19 to FEB-21 we can see it increased from ~6-7K to ~8-9K on average:


We all know that the main reason for the decrease of total players is due to the introduction of the Convoy mode in ETS2. But then why do we still have so many new accounts created while we have less players on TMP?!

Well I can see only 3 explanations:

  1. Real new persons creating an account and not playing or playing for a very short period (because they probably not that attracted/interested/enjoying) + some players leaving
  2. Many players leaving while new ones arrive (but less than ones leaving)
  3. Same existing players deleting/not using anymore their existing account to create a new account.

Maybe there are other explanations I don't see or can't see?

But all the above explanations aren't very positive I'm afraid. The first 2 points would basically show that TMP is becoming less attractive (or other things appeared or became more attractive since FEB-2021). The third one would show that there is some sort of technical bug/problem making people create duplicate accounts? 🙄 . I don't think there is any technical problem and it's mainly people trying to cheat/bypass something more than people who lost their password/email address/etc....

My guess is that we always had some proportion of people creating duplicate accounts and new players. But now we have less new players and maybe more people creating new accounts (many who probably try to bypass a ban or some other limits).

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On 3/5/2023 at 7:26 PM, Soul Contracts said:

Congratulations to Truck Driver MP on reaching 5,000,000 registered users, a huge milestone indeed! Thanks to the TruckersMP staff for their hard work, I have always been passionate about the TruckersMP community and it is great to see this achievement finally come to fruition. Also I would like to thank the TruckersMP team for their dedication to providing a great experience for all players. They've obviously been working hard to make sure the platform is always running smoothly and players are always having a good time. Thank you Team Truckers MP for all your hard work and dedication!


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^^^ Said the guy with 5 active bans. It's a mod for a game, with RULES that you accepted but don't want to obey, don't blame the game, blame yourself. People who were here when there were not even 10000 registered users have not one single ban in their punishment history. Not 1 ban in more than 8 years, you have 5 in less than 3 months. And the rules are the same for everyone.


And this "keep banning people and the numbers will go down" is not new, we've been reading it for so long that it's become almost ancient by now. New accounts keep being registered everyday, though...

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