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  1. I´m sure that was done during a kind of WOT´s event (like christmas presents or the Pink Ribbon) because during them are mostly short and easy routes. Look at his overall mass transported and compare it to the 2nd place - and everything should be clear. I never heard that you can cheat using WOT freights like with the normal one´s.
  2. We have a new 1st place in almost all categories! Check it out! https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/profile/1718214
  3. The stats were updated on saturday! We are stil sure that they are accounts which should be on the list but not shown yet! Please share them with us! Big thanks!
  4. Many thanks for the badge! Looks awesome
  5. How far are you? How many badges left? Sry but I can´t wait till i get it
  6. Congrats to all who finished succesfully this event! Good job from the devs/admins! Keep going to the future! :=) I´m very excited for that :=)
  7. Oh yes especially during the night! A tricky one :=)
  8. No problem! Maybe some of your friends/community have a great profile!?
  9. https://forms.gle/M86UsBs3Q4Rsjs236 this link was not working for me on any browser.... Luckily it worked via mobile phone so i sent it there Thanks for help! Topic can be closed
  10. Good evening! I have all the eggs but can´t send it. It says forms.gle is not reachable.... Thanks
  11. If you have a high average distance or a lot freights etc... then for sure yes
  12. Who has a WoTr profile with a lot of driven km´s? Send me...

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