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  1. Wow. This news is a big achievement for you guys at TruckersMP. A huge Congratulations to one and all.
  2. Congratulations guys. Well done.
  3. That day is also taking place on St Patricks Day as well. I hope everyone has a lot of fun with taking part with this event. I won't be doing it because I got banned during Operation Big Sur quite a while ago.
  4. The fatal error issue has been fixed. Thanks for the tip Alex3. Although I'm still having the unreliable connection issue within TruckersMP. Is that still part of a bug that is not fixed yet?
  5. Hello there! I have playing this mod & have been encountering this issue for a while. I have been experiencing an Unreliable Connection issue with both ETS2MP & ATSMP. Whenever the game attempts to reconnect to the EU1 server in ETS2; it goes back to my desktop giving me a fatal error. In ATSMP while connecting to the Europe 2 server. An Unreliable Connection is also there. But it does not force me back to the desktop. The fatal error in ETS2MP comes up as "cannot create temp crash log file!". I have no idea why that happens on my system. My current OS is Windows 10 Home Edition 1809. Is there anyone here that can help with this issue please. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am not alone in having this problem on TMP either. I'm also getting the unreliable connection issue ETS2 MP for quite a long time now which is very strange. I did try to get into ETS2MP twice today & had no luck in physical connecting to the mod to date. Afterwards; every time I log into it; it gives me a fatal error straight away & says on the desktop "cannot create temp crash log file". I hope now that whatever issue is present on the launcher with players physical connections going out to players is fixed ASAP.
  7. The other players around me were out of my range as I couldn't see them while I did a job from Birmingham to Sheffield. What happened there? Is there a glitch in the server? Is there any way to resolve this problem? Thanks.
  8. Hi guys. I just want to say that this is a very nice update. But I'm having some issues. I was driving in some areas of London earlier with my first Krone trailer. I went to find a job in the cargo market & no jobs came up for me. Can this issue be resolved with using the quick travel option by teleporting to another garage in Garage manager? Also; I have an issue with other players a large amount of distance away from me in EU1. I had one player who was over 60,000 metres away from me at one point. Can I do anything to resolve this issue? Thanks.
  9. This is great news. I wish them well in their new roles of creating new stuff for TMP.
  10. I'm only back since Wednesday. I have finished 7 jobs in this event. It takes me quite a bit of time to do it but the event is good nonetheless. I will finish it tomorrow.
  11. I'm having the same problem too with it not starting due to this false positive. I have the 64 bit version of Windows 10 Home Edition. Do I delete all launcher installation files on the hard drive, restart and reinstall the launcher again as administrator? Should I delete all of the root files of Truckers MP as well from the Documents Folder. I also have the CCleaner Professional Edition installed on my computer. I have no issues with the single player editions of the games so far as they working as normal. All of my other games on Steam appear to be also working as normal with no issues. How long does Windows Defenders Security Center automatically delete the file because one threat still resides on my laptop? Any instructors on this topic will be helpful. Thank you.
  12. My apologies Humanewolf. I should have read there was no actual threat involved. Thanks for responding to my question. I should have worded it differently.
  13. Thanks for keeping us out of harm's way. Is this breach only contained to the US/AS/SA servers? Is there any risk that it could spread to the EU servers?
  14. Thanks for this mod guys. It looks great. Driving in the snow is so much fun in this game.
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